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Stinky...farting cat...diagnosis?

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I'm hoping someone here may know what is going on with my old guy.

I would like to arm myself with possibilities before taking him to the vet. He is not a travel friendly cat and he's old, so the least amount of stress possible I believe to be better for him. And me...and the skin belonging to my vet.

My cat Butch (Turkish Angora) is 13yrs old. He has lived 8 yrs outside before living with me. He's spent the last 4 yrs living with me as an indoor cat (and happily, at that)

He was diagnosised with Renal Failure onset last year. He's been doing very well until recently.

He seems to be passing gas that is really bad. Sulphur stinky, actually. He's not had a food change. He gets a mix of Gold Seal and Fromm's Veg ala duck.

He's also had diarhea lately...he's eating normally, enjoying his cat nip and drinking normally. he's been behaving just like he always has...except for the phantom stinks!

Anyone here have any idea what this might be? What tests the vet could/should do?

As I said earlier, I'd prefer to be armed with some ideas. Butch doesn't tolerate people poking and proding him. And being that he is 13 I'd prefer not to stress him out anymore then neccesary. Which includes not giving him meds he doesn't absolutely need.
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There is no way we can know...with no food changes, no med changes, the change is obviously in your cat. Believe it or not, with one of my cats, diarrhea was the only symptom of his hyperthyroidism..so that might be one possibility, it's not that unusual with senior cats.

It would seem unlikely your cat has suddenly developed IBD, or gotten a parasite such as giardia - unless for any reason, your water supply is suspect.

Is there the option of a mobile vet or having your vet come to your home? One thing you can do without distressing your cat, is to simply take in a stool sample.
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