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Charlie needs board magic NOW please

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I haven't been able to be on the site for awhile, I have a large grey tabby named Charlie who was a street rescue I have had for nearly two years. He is a fighter and a lover and a sweet boy who sounds really cranky but he is all talk. He's really a sweetie. and Charlie is very very sick. I fear losing him this weekend. Please send all your prayers. It's a long story.

This morning he struggled to get up on the bed, it took him 3 tries, and he is extremely emaciated. He was shivering on my chest as he lay there, a deep hypothermia type shiver. He's been losing weight a long time, and now it is very bad, plus what appears now to be an upper resp inf. we have been to vet multiple times about weight loss. last week he started craving heat and started refusing meals and last week his blood test came back fine with all liver thyroid etc. all fine. But he is still sick. Something is wrong. I have made all diet recommendations from vet etc., but he will barely eat. today i gave him eye and nose drops. that helped to help him smell food and perk up appetite but the little he will eat is too little. he is secluded now from other pets and i am keeping him very warm. i do not know how old he is...could be anywhere from 5-12 according to vets but my guess is upper end, or hard life on streets aged hi. we have another vet visit tomorrow. please send prayers. i am trying not to worry so i don't stress him out but it is very hard today. please send prayers. thank you. here is a picture of him, this is older and he does not look so healthy now.charlie
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I am sorry Charlie is not well. Sending many good health vibes his way.
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Are his gums, the inside of his ears or his eyes yellow? If so look to feline hepatic lipidosis to be the culprit. I am sorry he is ailing, that they are not giving you definitive answers. I would suggest to keep him you tube feed him or syringe feed him. He has to eat, even though he may not want to.

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I couldn't agree more...if you begin feeding him and he makes it, I'd then ask for a referral to a specialist...you need answers. I am so sorry, your fellow looks so much like my Tippy - a semi-feral rescue of mine.
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Hi Hissy, no they are not yellow. He is eating some, and actually more than yesterday and more than the day before that just not sure it is enuf to "catch up" with weight loss. He had two small meals today, one larger than the other, and 3 small meals yesterday, with encouragement he will eat esp if nose is clear but he will only eat dry. I have syringe fed before and will do that if need be. It was today that he really seemed to take a turn for the worse. He has had water and used the litter box in the last 24 hours as well. I will ask the vet about subcutaneous fluids--so far his has not seemed badly dehydrated via neck skin pinch test. Thanks for thoughts and thanks to you too Stormy.
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I would definitely take him to a specialist. Is he losing weight *just* from not eating, or is he having vomiting/diarhea as well?
If he's having no problem keeping the food down, today is the day to go back to assist feedings. Even if it's not FHL, if you don't get food into him, he will waste away before you can get an actual diagnosis.
Good luck and lots of hugs for poor Charlie.

Dev & Crew
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I am sorry to hear about Charlie. But I would also start syringe feeding with something nutritious - egg yolk in water, stock or one of the safe milks, and of course lots of water. The more you can help his body fight whatever is wrong the better. I do hope he makes it. I know only too well what it is like having a sick cat with no reliable diagnosis - I went through it over CHristmas when I thought Persil was dying. Good vibes coming your way from here.
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Thanks. No vomiting, no diarrhea. actually a very healthy poop today. i kept him very warm and he did eat better today, 4 smaller meals, and he is drinking quite a bit, but he is fussy which water he will drink, he doesn't like our new filtered water, only the spring water we have had from before so that is what he is getting. he was the worst i have seen him this morning, but by tonight he improved, came out to see us and get love, got more interested in food. still though, only would eat dry which normally, he eats more nutritiously than that. i believe he has anorexia along with the resp infection which just clearly showed up. the things i have done today are helping, and i think your prayers are too. we will see.
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Charlie is in my thoughts. that he continues to improve.
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Charlie is definitely in my thoughts. Keep doing what you're doing to help him fight!
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Oh Mayree! I just read your PM and I am so sorry!! Oh I wish I could just jump in my truck and drive right down and make it all better. You have been through so much. You are such a loving and deeply caring mama, and we forever are grateful to everything you did for Saba, she is so healthy. I am at a loss... you're so bright and quick and I know you'd figure it out if you could. Is it a parasite or would that show up in his poop? Did you ever find out his true age? Maybe he's so much older than you think.... and it's his time.... I am really upset because I met him! We are sending ALL our healthy vibes and prayers to you my dear.

Elizabeth, Eric, Sasha, and Saba
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thank you so much to you folks for your good wishes. He didn't eat at all this morning while 'daddy' was home with him, but we got subq fluids at the vet this afternoon, and a shot to stimulate his liver and make him want to eat--got home and they said he wouldn't want to eat for a couple of hours--not true!!! As soon as we walked in the door, Charlie said, 'fork over the food NOW lady,' and he ate wet food. We will have another meal a little later. The vet is a nice man, and is available by phone this weekend. He explained the whole process to me well. His weight has gone down but hopefully this will reverse the situation. Please continue to send prayers. I really love my boy. I didn't think he'd leave so soon...I guess it is always too soon, regardless when. I lost a kitty to cancer last year and one to heart disease the year before. Oh please not Charlie.
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oh honey, we are right here and not changing the intensity of our prayers tonight or any other night. Saba is right here on my lap.
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I hope Charlie get better really soon.
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Charlie, please feel better for your Mama!

I am praying so very hard tonight that this will pass and Charlie will be fine I only know about you because of Saba and alone from that I can see what a wonderful person you are. Please be strong, we are all here for you no matter what you need ok?

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You bet I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...c'mon Charlie, get eating and help them figure out what is wrong!

I was thinking of one thing, the shivering and feeling cold, could be a sign of anemia.
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Feel better soon Charlie!! You have a lot of Aunties here at TCS pulling for You to make it through this sweetie
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If he is still shivering make him some rice heaters. Take a sock you really don't care about, fill it halfway with uncooked rice, tie off the ends and nuke it for 30 seconds in the microwave. Make a few of these and tuck them around Charlie to keep him warm. They won't burn him, and many cats and kittens enjoy the heat they get for 2-3 hours. I use those big old heavy hiking socks.

Sometimes, we are just in their lives long enough to show them that humans are good, and then we are the spiritual guide to the next life. (In reference to why you lost two cats so closely together).

Best of luck and prayers are flying
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Just a word to say we are still thinking of you and hoping everything turns out for the best.
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Charlie, I am praying for you to return promptly to perfect health, and you will remain in my thoughts. Please feel better soon, beautiful little boy!
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Come on Charlie sweetie, get well soon
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Prayers and hugs on the way from me. Sounds like you are doing all the right things and getting some good advice here. I read the whole thread and could not see how old Charlie is. I'm keeping an eye on this thread because I have a 17 yr old and I'm constantly watching for signs of weight loss, etc.

Hang in there Meowmie. I know how stressful it can be with sick kitties, but you are not alone in this struggle.
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I am so overwhelmed by all of your response and kind wishes. I have been so actively nursing I haven't gotten on the puter. I'll try to answer all questions.

First, the update. good appetite fri night, appetite gone again on saturday. i got food down him saturday using the syringe, mainly, and a little he ate on his own earlier in the day. but then on sunday(today) morning he got onto my chest asking for breakfast--a first in quite awhile and ran into the kitchen--and then,would eat very little, despite trying diff. things. then at noon, as i was making a delicious chicken broth to try that next, and i had stuff out on the counter for the dog and the other cat--he walked in and asked to eat, i wasn't sure what had sparked his interest so i gave him a sample platter and he ate with gusto, and liked everything, very unusual, but didn't eat alot, but enuf! it was wonderful. i'm gonna try some broiled chicken this afternoon, i had to look up how to broil because i don't eat meat. i hope we can keep turning this around. he is looking and acting better but is still very thin and not out of the woods, and i can't guarantee his appetite from one day or meal to the next.

ok, answers: It's not a parasite as far as we know. His age--could be anywhere from 5 to 12 up, vets have different opinions, plus he'd been on the road awhile and that likely aged him. He does not have a fever, it is very mysterious, his blood test indicated everything perfect, no anemia or anything--the only thing was a mild elevation in protein, the meat kind, not the egg kind (not albumin). Unfortunately we moved after we got him and changed vets so they really only had seen him being 12 pounds, despite what we said, but really, he was 15 before that. In september the vet said--well he is a healthy weight and i wouldn't want to see him gain, he was 12 pounds, but last week--11.3. this week--10.6. I would guess he has gained a small amount back since thursday though, we will see at next visit. i have been keeping the house very warm, with heater in his room and heating pad and he also likes to go and sit in the room with the woodstove, and i make sure it is warm all night and that helps too. i will try the rice socks.

I fear that the stress of recently, since november having new additions to the clan affected him, and also am wondering if he thought--well, i am old and they have a new cute little one now and....etc. i know cats are very sensitive to stress and i have seen it affect them physically just like us. I have been reading about anorexia in cats, how at first it is just mistaken for finickiness, and the desc. fits charlie to a tee. not sure if the the lack of eating weakened him and brought on the upper resp inf. or if he couldn't smell his food and that brought the other on. he gets homemade saline nose and eye drops now before every meal and the seems to help quite abit.

so nice to hear Saba was right there!! Music is right here too. music is busy asking for the chicken broth of course. (it isn't done) i must go now and feed him again. thanks again, please keep the prayers coming.
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Mayree <whew> - we were up on Whidbey Island most of today and I was thinking about you guys a lot. It's good news, cautious news, and yes, Saba knows, I told her. I have not read up on anorexia in cats, as in a control issue over stress factors, amazing. In the future, after Charlie is better, I sure would like you to post a link. He's with such a great mom, any ailing kitty would be better in your stead. Prayers & hugs from us all.
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Charlie! Continue to get better!
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Awwww he's eating something!, thats brilliant!!

Come on Charlie sweetie keep eating for your mum!
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We're all wishing Charlie well Get better sweet boy!
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Hi guys, thanks again for all your good wishes. He ate 5 meals on Sunday, smallish but good, two with assistance, then woke me up way early Monday morning to eat and then had "second breakfast" and now we will have elevensies (or rather, lunch, but that was for you Lord of the Rings fans). The great thing is, we have a routine now where he is asking to eat, and that is fabulous. I only hope it won't wear off once the corticosteroid wears off. Also i found i have to put his food arranged just so in little balls in a cirlce on his plate, he doesn't want to dip his head into a bowl (fear of icky whiskers? hard on his stuffed nose?) The chicken broth was a flop, he only ate a bit. I have been reading more about anorexia.

Is it possible he could have something like pancreatitis which is not apparent in tests? Does anyone have experience with this? He also slept on the bed the last two nights the whole night thru, unusual for him, I'm glad of it though, I like having him close. Of course, we had a nice heater going in the room.

We are fighting this tooth and nail, charlie and me, and together we will win. At least this time.

Elizabeth, do you mean a link with his picture? I have one in the signature line? What kind of link?

thank you SO MUCH again for all your good wishes, i know it is helping.
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By the way he feels like he is gaining weight!! I was worried when it was too easy to pick him up. We are not out of the woods yet, but i have hope!! thanks
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Good progress but we will continue the vibes for a while yet!
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