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Frosty Update

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I just got this in email. Thanks to those of you who sent their well wishes and prayers for this fighter of a kitty:

The vet called this morning and said that he passed away around 2 am last night. He never really came back from surgery even though he was on oxygen all weekend. Thank you all for your support and prayers.
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there are no words. I'm so sorry.
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I am sorry for the humans who cared for Frosty and the loss they are feeling, but OH what FUN he is having o the other side of the bridge. . . .
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AWwww Hissy.

I am so sorry.
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Poor little Frosty, at least now he's not in pain anymore...

I'm curios - do the vets charge full price for taking care of strays and ferals? Out vet hardly charges anything at all - if there are costs to the procedure other than his work, he charges only the cost.
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Gosh I am so sorry - he was sooooo luck to have found you! :angel4:
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on the vet. My vet just has a massive sheet that they call Mary Anne's cat sheet, and when one of my crew, or a stray is injured, I can bring them in at a discount. Plus, if I need medicine, they will sometimes dispense the meds out over the phone, or mail them to me because they know I am knowledgeable in diagnosing certain things and will also bring a cat in when it is seriously ill or hurt.

Apparently this one vet, wouldn't see this stray until he was guaranteed certain monies. And the cat was kept until the money could be raised and then taken in. But with so much wrong with this guy who only turned out to be 3 years old, he was in a bad battle from the beginning. At least now he is out of pain, and it was a gallant try on his part to stay alive.
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...Vaya Con Dios,little one.

Terry and Tish + :flower:
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Hissy - I am sorry that Frosty did not recover and experience a happy loving home. I was hoping and praying that this story would have a happy ending but I guess it was not meant to be for him. The only positive thing about this is that he is no longer suffering and in pain.
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Oh, I am SO sorry to hear this... Please tell your friend our thoughts are with her, and she did all she could.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Frosty. He has been through alot in his short little life. May the Bridge bring him peace and happiness.


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It's so sad...poor little Frosty!!
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Sorry to hear about Frosty. Like 3legged said, he must be having so much fun at the bridge!
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I'm very sorry for you and your friend Hissy, you did all you could, and as a few people expressed, at least Frosty is no longer suffering.
Sounds like the poor guy had a rough go from the start, he can rest now.
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