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And you think YOU have alot of snow!

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Look at this pic my sister in law sent me of herself!!!

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And we're complaining about the half a foot we have here!
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Susie that is there?????? Goodness!!! She is a live Snow Woman.
We have been sunny and 50-60 all week.. ..but they say we're gonna pay for it this summer!
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Eddie, no, my sister in law lives in New England. They can keep it!!
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She´s ok Susie? she didn´t feel the cold?
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She was ok Rigel.....she got out of the snow as soon as her husband took the picture!
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*kisses ground*

I just didn't like the rain......

Is your sister alright?
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Yikes That's alot of snow
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I still remember one year in Alaska when we had record-breaking snow. My friend Judy who lived in a two story home outside of Anchorage, called me one day to come over. When I got there I stared at amazement there were two moose who had climbed on the snowberm and gotten on her roof to get out of the snow!
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ohh coldness!
i dont really like snow.... i rather live in 40 Celcius Degree! (dunno in F)
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Wow! Yeah, tell her to keep the snow in NE!!
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Lol. 50 and sunny here. She can keep that snow. It looks freezing.
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That actually looks pretty familiar. Right now we don't have much snow, but we're usually that deep around Christmas, or shortly thereafter. Then the cold hits in January *burr*.
If you think that's impressive, think of how much work it takes to find your driveway and cars!
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Wow, that's a lot of snow, I'm glad I live in South Florida.
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I'm glad I live in the Philippines!
How do they take a bath in such cold weather?
I live in the tropics and I have to heat up my bath water, even if I'm taking a bath during the hottest part of the day.

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Thats a bit of snow I bet that would be fun to play in but way to cold.
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wow now thats alot of snow thats cute thanks susie for sharing
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We have around 2 feet here in the city, about 6 feet up on the mountains at the moment. My car is buried.
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I love show, I wish we had that much. I reminds me of when I was a kid, and we would build snow forts and tunnels in the front yard.

And you know, it's not that cold. The snow is insulation, so it could actually be warmer than the air.

As for heating up the bath water, you know that the houses are heated indoors..... We don't usually bathe outside.
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