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Earthquake in England UK!!

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Just wanted to let you know that yesterday (Sunday) at 4.25 pm there was an earthquake here!!! Fortunately we didn't feel it, but my friends who live about 10 mins away did!! It wasn't a particularly big one, it measured 3.8 on the rickter scale....but it was big enough cause some houses to be condemned and cause chimney's to fall to the ground!! Im not trying to make this into a HUGE deal or anything, but its kind of scary ya know!!??!! I know lots of you have probably seen worse ones first hand, but its not common here and its scary!
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That IS unsettleing!! Glad you are okay. (well, except your nerves)
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Bodlover - Scary! I'm glad you're safe there. I've been hearing about strange earthquakes lately, and it's kind of weird. One hit NY City this weekend, but it was really weak too. Just let me say I'm glad I live in Texas...
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Yep, we had an earthquake her in NY over the weekend. 2. somthing on the Richter scale. Did no damage.
It was after 1:00 in the morning. I slept right through it!
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Wow, I didn't know there were earthquakes in England! Where was the center?

I miss England! Last time I visited was a year and a half ago! I love visiting the UK - it's practically the only country I ever visited (but I visited the UK 8 times, so it's not like I don't get out of Israel ). As of this summer we have relatives in the UK, as my brother married an English girl who's family live near Chester. They're lovely people - we visited them at their home some three years ago and this year they came here for the wedding and stayed at out place for a few days. I hope the earthquake is not near where they live.
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Bodlover, I would be scared too! But I am so glad you are alright!!!
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Bodlover - I am glad that God was watching over you during the earth quake!
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Yes, I have been through them all my life (except the last 2 years here). Although I am used to them and they don't really bother me any more, I can relate to the fear. Especially in places that do not build things to withstand earthquakes. When I went through the Northridge quake, I want to say it was in 93 the next day was filled with large aftershocks all day. By the end of the day, I felt as if every one of my nerves was standing on end. I even cried for an hour that night because of stress. So it is a big deal and you had a right to be upset.
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Was it a quake or just Mick Jagger and Co gearing up for another tour?
Those Rolling Stones make a lot of noise at their age...getting kinda bumpy. I can say this because I'm a bit younger than Mick..not much tho.

Seriously tho..we have had a couple of minor tremors over the past few years...rattled windows,etc. Definitely a scary feeling.
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You have every right to be scared, I remember when the one hit here in Newcastle about 12 or 14 years ago, we were terrified, we had no idea Australia even had earthquakes, If was very scary, the first thing I thought was that one of the mines caved in.
Our phone lines were down and we had no power, then one of the members of the volunteer rescue association that I belong to , came by and said "Gear up the workers club has collapsed and we are all going in, some people are trapped down there."
I tell you the first sight of the place shocked the daylights out of me, I think we worked for a week straight in 8 hour shifts on 8 hours off .
I will never forget the terror that filled me at the thought of how much we are at the mercy of this hostile planet.
I really don't know how anyone can get used to it,we were already clearing rubble and debris when the aftershocks hit,and it scared the life out of us.
*hugs of comfort*

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I'm glad you weren't affected by it, they're pretty spooky!

California has quite a few of them, and here in Oregon, we get a share too. Not too many though, and they're pretty mild.

The last one we had, my cats were acting all freaky right before it Did your animals act strangely?
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Thanks guys, it was just so weird cos the UK doesn't ever have them!! It never even enters my mind that there might be an earthquake ya know?!!
Anne, the quake centre was about ten minutes away from where I live in Leicester, so I don't think Chester would have been affected (of course I could be wrong!!) Its quite a way away I think.....
Cleo, at the time we were out so I don't know what the cats were like!! Knowing them though they were probably sleeping somewhere.....the only thing that wakes them up is the sound of the food box!!
Thanks people!
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If you want to avoid nature disasters move to Toronto. No floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or avalanches. Just the occasional snow storm. I feel very safe here.
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But you have hwy 401,407 and the Queensway...sometimes I'd rather have the tornados.:LOL: And I'm all too familiar with those snowstorms.
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