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The house looks pretty good right now, and you'll be able to turn it into a real showplace. Hmm - why would anybody cover up stone?
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Fantastic Jenny! When are the girls going to start learning to meow in French?

Looks like you will have lots of room for guests. Hmmm, All in favor of visiting Jenny, raise your paws!
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Looks like Jenny is going to have to add on for all us to visit!

I wonder if she has seen our offer to visit...
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Of course everyone is welcome! But I will need a few months to get it all together. Apparently the owners covered the stone up because he is a carpenter and didn't know how to repair the stonework. Some of their interior taste also makes me question their motives! But I have a mason on hand who has done this kind of thing before, so I am sure we can restore it to its original glory. I have seen pix of it before the cladding went on, so I know what is there.
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Wow, Congrats on getting a new home! It looks great and it sounds wonderful. I bet the cats will be thrilled, but I wonder... how do you teach a cat to meow in French?
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Someone has to help you "break" the new place in

Thanks for posting the picture link, it looks like a comfortable house.
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On the meowing in French, Persil starts at an advantage - her name means 'Parsley' in French, so maybe if I call her with a French accent, she will respond the same way!
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Wow, Jenny your home sounds so wonderful and charming! It sounds like something off of a movie! I'm so jealous!
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Thats great news, I hope you and your cats and your new one will be very happy.
Good Luck with the Move
Love Eva, Eviecat and Molly
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Jenny that's just great! I'm so myopic that when I saw your post I read that you bought a HORSE! But a house is great too! WOW!
You just reminded me I need to go make an eye doctor appointment.
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It's absolutely wonderful and what a wonderful view you have!!! Congratulations!
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Jenny I'm so happy for you - I know you said a while back that this was what you wanted. You must be so excited. And to come with a ready made kitty too . It looks wonderful. I look forward to seeing many more photos of your new home as you put your pawprint on it.
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Oh huge congrats!
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