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I bought a house!

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I am so excited - I have not posted for ten days or so, because I had a sudden call to go to France and see a house that my friend thought would be perfect for me and the cats. In fact, that one wasn't, but I saw another and have put down a deposit and signed contracts, and it is great. It is an old farmhouse and barn which have been extended and knocked into one house, and when I have done a bit of work it will have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus one ensuite shower. I can shut off half the house as a self-contained gite or holiday cottage, and have something to do in summer. It is a mile from the nearest road, but in a small hamlet of 6 houses, so I won't be lonely. And it has two large fields and a good stable for ponies and fantastic views over the valley. 4 minutes drive gets you to the river Orne where you can hire canoes etc, and there is an equestrian club a mile away. And best of all, it has a cat, a little ginger feral who followed me everywhere as I looked around the property. The present owner will make sure a neighbour feeds him till I take over. So this summer I will be leaving Sarajevo and retiring at last to Normandy.
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Oooh sounds fantastic! Congratulations! How exciting!
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Yeah!!Congrats!! I am glad that you have found a perfect fit for you and the kits. Also, this new little feral will be so lucky to have such a wonderful caretaker!!!! Best of luck during the move!!!!!
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Jenny it sounds magnificent! And any house that comes with a kitty is a keeper.

Congratulations on the house and on retirement!!
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Congratulations to your new house, including a cat and all
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Isn't that wonderful for you, congratulations
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Yeah! Congrats!

It sounds wonderful - but I bet the kitty was a good sign.

As always.... waiting for pictures!
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Congrats on your new home in beautiful Normandy and meeting your new ginger neighbor
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Congrats Jenny!!!!! pic´s, pic´s, pic´s, when? when?
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oh that's lovely!! Can we visit?!
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Jenny that's just great! I'm so myopic that when I saw your post I read that you bought a HORSE! But a house is great too! WOW!
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Congratulations, Jenny! How wonderful!
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That sounds like a utopia - just perfect!
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It couldn't happen to a nicer person! Congratulations. Hopefully you'll be able to take pictures and post them for all of us to see and enjoy vicariously.

When do you actually make the move? How is Persil doing after her operation?
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Congrats Jenny, can't wait to see pics!
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Wow Jenny, that's awesome!! Congrats!!
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Thanks all. I will post pix when I can get near a colour scanner as my digital camera is not working and I had to take 35 mm pix. And I am not sure if I should post pix before or after I do the necessary work on t he exterior, including removing the wooden cladding from what is a beautiful old stone barn!

Persil is nuzzling me as I write, she is amazingly recovered. I brought back a wonderful new toy - a furry mouse that squeaks when the cats jump on it. They are all fighting over it. Persil picks it up and runs away and the others can't catch her.
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Congratulations! It sounds wonderful and I'm just a teensy bit jealous

Originally Posted by jennyranson
And I am not sure if I should post pix before or after I do the necessary work on the exterior, including removing the wooden cladding from what is a beautiful old stone barn!
ooo! I vote for before AND after! I love that kind of stuff!
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Congratulations! I'm happy for you.
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Congratulations...it sounds absolutely marvelous.
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Wow!! A house in France sounds so chic and lovely! Actually anywhere in France sounds chic and lovely...

Congratulations and enjoy! I'm totally jealous of course!
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I have scanned some pix, to give an idea, though they are not brilliant. Here is hte link:

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What a gorgous view, and I think once the stone is revealed again, the barn portion of the house will be stunning.

How very wonderful!
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Congratulations Jenny! I love the pictures, and can't wait to see the progress...although it looks pretty idyllic already!

I'm also so happy that Persil has recovered, and is back to her mouse-hoarding ways!
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Fantastic Jenny! When are the girls going to start learning to meow in French?

Looks like you will have lots of room for guests. Hmmm, All in favor of visiting Jenny, raise your paws!
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You said it, Elizabeth!!!

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Wow Jenny! That looks even more idyllic than it sounds!
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That sounds positively wonderful, Jenny!! I'm very happy for you and you furries -- and for the little fellow who will be waiting for you! Felicitations!
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