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Jerry the sugary bully cat

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I'm new to CatSite forum, just earlier I posted "Funeral for a friend" on the rainbow bridge. I lost my best friend Groucho a week ago, and wanting a new playmate for Charlie the black cat, I adopted a rescued cat, Jerry. He is a very sweet black and white shorthair, looks about a year old, has had all his shots but is not NEUTERED yet---he will be first thing Monday morning.
The PROBLEM: he is aggressive toward Charlie, and in fact already outweighs him. I don't want him to run off Charlie, who is still mourning for Groucho (as are we all). Will the neutering fix this "bully" behavior, or do I need to find Jerry a new home? All advice welcome, I'm very concerned!
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Neutering will definitely help the issue. Intact toms are aggressive by nature, so they can secure the lovely ladies in the area.

It sounds like they haven't gone through a "formal" introduction? This article: I'd Like You To Meet... gives a good step by step of the ideal way to introduce new cats into a household. Cats don't usually do well when they are just put together without a chance to get used to the idea first.
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I'm so sorry for Groucho I can't go in the bridge forum because it upsets me too much

I always thought when i brought Sophie into the house as a kitten 11 months ago that Rosie (who had just turned 2)would take to her straight away?!.

How wrong i was She hated not only Sophie by hissing and growling at her, but she did the same to me as well(she is a tortie though and we all know they have attitudes!! ).

Thankfully Rosie accepted Sophie after 2 weeks but all cats are different and may take longer, but Heidi has given you a great link to help you

Let us know how it goes!
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