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Happy Birthday Laurie (LDG)!!!

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You have been through a lot this last year, and have come through with flying colors as you always do! I wish you nothing but the best in the year(s) to come!!

Happy Birthday Laurie!

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Have a very happy birthday Laurie and best wishes for your upcoming year!
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Happy Birthday, Laurie!
Enjoy your very special day!
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Have a very very happy birthdday, hope everything goes great today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!

I hope it's your best birthday deserve it!
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Hello Laurie, happy birthday more days like this!!!
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Happy Birthday, Laurie! May the year ahead bring fulfillment of your hopes!
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Happy Birthday
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURIE!!!!!!!! Do you think the kitties have something special planned for you tonight?

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Happy Birthday, Laurie! I hoped you and the family have a blessed year (=
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Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!! The kitties look forward to playtime, as usual, I think, LOL!

With Naomi home in recovery from detox, this is going to be a real quiet one. No presents (at least I requested no presents because of all we've had to do between moving into a new home and adopting a daughter, lol!) - but Gary's out right now, picking up a cake he ordered. I think we'll keep it down in the kitchen, and maybe wait until tomorrow to celebrate. Hopefully Naomi will be feeling well enough to have a bit of cake by then?

But I've already received the best present I could - and that's a Naomi that has completed the detox program.
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So I saw this thread and was like LDG, hmm, she sounds familiar. How could I have forgotten?! Anyway, happy birthday - I hope you have a fantastic one! And that's right, you HAVE gotten a fabulous present already - yay!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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GAH! Happy Birthday sweetie, I'm sorry I missed this thread (lord knows it was right under my nose!) to wish you one in a timely fashion. I hope it was a good, restful day for you and your family (cause that's what you are now!)
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Happy Birthday!
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Unfortunately I can't check the internet at work, so this message is coming a little late!

Happy, happy bday chikk!

You know I wish you only the best in the days and years to come. May this year bring you many happy times and memories!

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I am late as well in wishing Ms. Laurie a wonderful birthday which i hopes means she was able to relax, get some sleep and rest- something I fear she no longer has time to do-
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Happpppppppppppppppppy Birthday!!!

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I saw at the birthday list this morning, but i wasnt sure if it was you!


Thats great that naomi has finished detox!!
what kind of cake is it??
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Happy belated birthday Laurie! I nearly missed it!
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