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Funeral for a friend.

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The passing of a friend is hard to endure, and part of loving someone is remembering them when they're gone...Groucho was my best friend, my husband Randy's best buddy, and the King of the castle. Everyone that came over knew him and were his friends. He moved with us from Portland, OR over two years ago, and loved living in Louisiana. After spending the all day Thursday eating, playing with Charlie the black cat, stalking birds in the back yard, and rolling in the warm sunny driveway, Groucho suffered a thrombo-embolic stroke a week ago today and we had to put him down. We had a funeral in the back yard Friday morning, and planted catnip all around the antique bricks that mark his grave. Randy and I are pretty sad, and our lives are emptier without him around all the time.
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I have tears in my eyes as I type this. I'm just so incredibly sorry you lost your best friend. Groucho is so very beautiful, and he will forever be in your heart, such a vital part of your life. You showed him such amazing love by releasing him from the pain of this world and allowing him to freely move on to Heaven where he is in perfect health today, so happy and full of joy looking forward to the wonderful day when you are reunited. How wonderful that you planted catnip at the site of his earthly resting place. This is a beautiful tribute for your precious angel. I pray that you will feel peace in your broken heart in place of the pain and comfort to replace the emptiness you feel during your agonizing time of grief.
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What a total sweetheart he looks. It must be a great loss for you all. He was much loved and obviously gave love in return. He will be with you forever.
You are in my thoughts
Take care
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That is so sad! My prayers are with you.
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Miss Jane, my thoughts with you, I´m so sorry for you loss...
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Miss Jane,
Groucho looks like a wonderful cat who had a happy life full of love and attention. I pray that God comforts you and all who loved Groucho. My brother's cat, Oscar had to be put to sleep this week too. Someone recently posted this poem in the Lounge section. It gave me comfort. I hope it helps. Groucho, RIP kitty. You will be missed.
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What a darling face, and that little mustache - you were given a real treasure! My heart reaches out to you & Randy. It must have been such a hard loss! The gravesite sounds beautiful, and such a friendly, outgoing cat, it is easy to imagine him crossing the Bridge and running up to the little boys & girls who also had to cross, and greeting them with his tail upright & ears forward, and rubbing them with his head. If only we could tell their parents that your little kitty-cat is there with them......what a comforting thought that would be.
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What a beautiful boy he was! I'm so very sorry for your loss. (

Dev & Crew
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Thank you for the words of comfort, and your kind thoughts. It's been a week and the waterworks are slowly tapering off, but I still miss Groucho terribly and always will. I know he's chasing fat 3-legged mice in heaven, and feels no pain. We've decided to wait on getting another, Charlie the black cat needs a rest and some bonding time with us.
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