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While I didn't injury myself painting I did fall on the ice Sunday morning and strained the muscles in the front of my neck!!! Plus my butt is sore!!
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Ugh! me, too!
If something is sticking out, I'll run into it. If it's in a cup or jar, I'll spill it. if it's on a table, I'll knock it over instead of picking it up... etc, etc. very frustrating. I always say to my fiance.. "See? This is the kind of stupid crap that always happens to me!" I think that was after I spilled my dinner milk all over the floor. Or was it when I flung fettucini sauce all over myself, & the kitchen when I shook the jar with a loose lid?
It's strange, though, when I run it's the opposite. I had a high school teacher tell me he saw me running across the campus, & if I was a boy I would make one hell of a running back on the football team. Go figure..
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Oh wait, I forgot..
Coming down the stairs wearing lingerie.. feeling like a TOTAL DORK to begin with, & slipping on the carpet, falling on my a$$. Haven't worn lingerie since.
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Heh, I've got a funny one to add, from this morning.....I ate a couple of oatmeal cookies for breakfast with a glass of milk. No problem there, but picked the glass of milk up in my left hand, still about half full, started walking to the kitchen and stopped to pet Hef-cat....when I leaned over, I somehow knocked the glass of milk out of my hand, pouring it all over the carpet and the cat!
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Klutz has struke again. I was throwing a stick for the neighbors dog and bumped my arm on the swing set that I was near. Nothing major just a scrape mark but still it hurt.
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