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Klutzes Unite!

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Ok, I know that I cannot be the only klutz on this board....my latest entry? While working on my jammed desk stapler this morning, I succeded in shooting a staple into my left index finger, all the way in! Come on ladies and gentlemen, come and share your "klutzy moments" with me! (And yes, before you even ask, my tetnus shoe is up to date, lol!)
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Ow!!! Ugh... I didn't need to hear that! Blegh... are you okay?!
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Oh no, Cindy! Poor finger! Here, Sierra will kiss it & make it better!
One clutz moment that springs to mind would also qualify for the embarrassing moments thread. A little while back, I was at a clients home giving her shower in a special reclining shower chair that fits in the tub and elevates her to a workable level. The shower has one of those hand held sprays. I was rinsing her hair when the nozel slipped out of my hand and started flying wildly all over the place, drenching the entire bathroom and me in the process!It's funny now, but talk about feeling like a clutz when her Mom walked in and found her entire bathroom soaked and me looking like I was the one who just had a shower!
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Gosh I've had so many klutz moments that it's hard to name just a few! I always say that my middle name is "Klutz" and that Nikki inherited the klutz gene from me because she's just as bad.

Not too long ago, I was uncapping a needle that I was going to use to draw up some medication. I have no idea how I did this.....but somehow I managed to stick the needle all the way through my thumb so that it poked out the other side! It was a large needle too....and 18 guage, 2 1/2 inch long needle. I was so stunned that I just held my hand up and looked at it and thought, "Wow...that's cool! That thing went clear through my thumb!" I then pulled the needle out and of course it started bleeding profusely. I grabbed a bunch of gauze pads and wrapped them around my finger and called to one of the other nurses to get me some more gauze and some tape since it was dripping all over the floor.

Fortunately, it was a clean needle and didn't do any real damage. It hurt like heck for a few days though.
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Oh, Robin!At least you were already at the hospital!
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OUCH Robin!!!!! You handled it far better than I would have!!!!
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Come on guys and girls, I know there are more of us here than this!
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Okay I'll fess up I am a klutz, but I've gotten better as I've grown up. I remember being little and running into doors all the time and walls I just had no grace at all. Now I just walk into things like file cabinets. About a year ago here at work I walked directly into a file cabinet that had the top drawer opened and bonked myself on the head pretty hard. Walking around the rest of the day with a nice red mark on my head was only followed up by another week of walking around with a nice bruise on my face.
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Does anyone remember me falling off my chair here at work last week??
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Does anyone remember me falling off my chair here at work last week??
Yep - and I recounted some of my klutzier moments in that thread!
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can we say been there done that.
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I don't know if I posted this somewhere or not last week I wore a pair of shoes to work that caused me to slip on the highly polished lunch room floor. I gracefully glided down to the floor like I was doing the splits and aggravated my right hamstring muscle!! Good thing I was wearing pants & that no one saw me-however I ripped the lining of these pants (cream wool pants) and the rip can be seen through them!! I plan on doing some painting tonite and for a few days-stay tuned other injuries could occur!!
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Another one added to the club!

I never pour liquids without spilling.

That must have hurt, I hope you're okay.
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Oh my gosh, I have a GREAT one!! I tend to be very klutzy, I fall over when I'm just standing there. This really baffles some people because I've been a dancer most of my life and really never fall doing that. Who knows?

But anyway, here's my BEST klutz story:
A family friend sent her daughter down here to Florida for a visit. She was staying at my parents, and since I'm closest to her age I went home and stayed as well. My parents live in Ormond Beach, I'm in Orlando for college, but it's only an hours drive. So anyway, this girl was about 14 at the time (I was about 19 or 20) and at that "I'm so self-conscious, I get embarrassed by everything" stage. So, Brendan and I took her to Disney World one day. The whole day she was embarassed by the way we ran around and twirled in the park, but we were just trying to get her to see that no one really cares and that it's all in good fun. Well, as we were leaving the park we finally got her to do something that to her was embarassing - we skipped. However as we were skipping Brendan's foot got in front of mine and I FELL face first onto the sidewalk right on Main Street at Disney World. I mean it was a HUGE fall. Needless to say the girl was mortified and Brendan and I had a bit of fun with it. I made a huge deal about getting up, Brendan put on a huge show about helping me, he then picked me up and proceeded to carry me as we both fussed and made very loud comments about my "injuries" while the girl hung back behind us due to her embarassment.

That is definitely my biggest klutz moment. It was classic, and oh-so-much fun.
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How funny! Poor girl though. I'm 14, too. I'm not THAT self concious, but still.
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Last week I fell while trying not to step on my kid's tail
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These are fun!
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Oh no! I know how the staple thing feels - though I managed to staple my right index finger to the one beside it! I've superglued one hand to a windowsill before now while decorating, had a shower attachment leak water over the side of the bathtub and through the floor and drip through my livingroom light fitting downstairs, I've put a split up the back of my skirt so high you coudl see my knickers (without noticing).... you name it, I've probably done it. I've never, bizzarely enough, broken any of my bones - although there is still plenty of time for that!
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Oh and Katherine - I've fallen over in public before too - I got my foot caught in my handbag strap (which was on the floor) while I was trying to get out of a taxi on a date. I sprawled out onto a busy highstreet and some woman tittered at me and muttered something about my having drunk too much "and at only this hour in the evening"! I just lay in the puddle and laughed until my date picked me off the floor, he was in stitches!
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I am also know to walk into walls and other objects. I have a problem with walking, once I get going it is hard to stop or turn on short notice. I have also fallen UP the stairs many times,where you try and take a step up and don't make it and trip up the stairs. Ah, don't you just love it.
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If only my klutzy moments happened privately...
I went to a very large college and we had to ride university busses to get from one class to another.... Well, I can recall at least 3 times that I completely fell on my butt while trying to walk UP the bus steps... and these were on days when it wasn't even raining (so I didn't have the excuse that I slipped on water). Doesn't sound half as bad as stapling my finger....ouch! Hope your finger is OK now!
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Hmmm, where do I begin? The family joke is "Mom didn't name me Grace!"

One memorable moment was when I tripped on the crack in the sidewalk and fell - in front of a brewery on a Saturday night. Oh, the brewery was on a busy expressway!
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Oh gosh, big giant mega klutz right here. My mother says she sent me to ballet classes for 3 years so I'd get more graceful, but it didn't help. It's gotten to the point that I don't even like to wear high heels, because there's too big a chance of me falling over--trust me, I've done it, more than once. I also walk into things constantly, walls, tables, doors, you name it. On more than one occasion I have hit my forehead on the refrigerator bending over to look into it. I have also hit the back of my head on the refrigerator standing UP from bending over to look in. I often hit my nose on the windowpane looking out, and believe me, it's not because the windows are so clean. And I still have a mangled thumbnail from when I was 15 and I slammed a car door on my own hand.

I should walk around wrapped entirely in bubble wrap.
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Try falling on the dance floor on a first date that JUST happens to be in front of your new boyfriend's MANAGER AND OWNER OF THE STORE! He and I knew each other from the country music club we danced in every Friday night. He had been bragging about how good we were and so they played a song we could dance to. I was wearing a new pair of pumps, normally I wore boots. Well, as we did an intricate turn, I caught the heel of 1 shoe in the side of the other shoe...and down I went. One shoe went flying across the room...his manager caught it. And my skirt was up around my waist.

He admitted later not knowing where to turn. Oh God, my manager. Oh God, my date is on the floor. Oh God, her shoe. We laughed about it later, but at the time it was mortifying!
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talking about klutz, we just went to burger king and it snowed a heap! and guess what.. i fell on my butt!
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I've got another:

Back when I first moved into this house, I had to go to a company Christmas the night I moved in. My mother took the kids and I got all decked out in a beautiful indigo blue velvet dress that fit kinda snug. Two of the guys I worked with came to pick me up and we met everyone else at a dinner cruise on the river boat. Well I had a little too much to drink and when the guys dropped me off at home, I realized that I could not get the dress off. The zipper ran from the top of my back down to my waist, and since the dress was so snug, (and velvet doesn't give) I couldn't get my arm up enough to reach the zipper. So here I was, home all alone, drunk, in a brand new house, boxes everywhere, and no phone hooked up to call somebody to help me. I danced around for at least half an hour trying to get that darn dress off until I was exhausted and decided that I would need to cut it off. But it was expensive and I didn't want to ruin it. So I kept trying. I finally managed to get an arm up through the neck hole and then turn the dress around enough so that I could reach the zipper and remove the dress.

Afterward, I realized that it was cold in the house so I went to turn on the heat. Well being unfamiliar with the house, I walked face first into a wall and fell backwards onto the floor holding my nose. I laid there for a while, dazed, and then got up and said, "To hell with the heat. To hell with everything. I'm going to bed!" And I climbed into bed with my underwear and stockings on and went to sleep! I figured I'd kill myself if I tried to do anything else that night!

The very next day as I was unpacking boxes and taking them outside, I walked into the glass storm door......face first and hit my nose again. Oh it was SOOOO sore from smashing into the wall the night before. It's lucky I didn't break it.
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aw robbin you are so cute!
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Oh great thread! ROTFL!
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This is a great thread!!!! I needed a good laugh.

As I said in an earlier thread I'm an accident waiting to happen. I have to many embarassing moments to even pick one.
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I'm enjoying but just laughing with you and not at you. I am a big klutz and always have been. It's nice to know I have company!
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