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Cat scratch, ouch

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Well KC just got me good. I thought I would be helpful and trim off a mat thats hanging on her.. stupid idea. She does NOT like the noise a beard trimmer makes.. I never seen a cat go straight up before like that.. but she managed to get my wrist extreamly well with her hind feet.

I poured peroxide and rubbing alchol on it.. but have no neosporin or anything So I just slapped a steril pad on it and taped it in place.

How long till I die from cat scratch fever?
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A cat scratch can be very serious, and you may want to consider seeking medical attention. Please keep the scratch very clean, and please get some neosporin. If you see any signs of infection whatsoever, redness, swelling, heat, drainage, it is extremely important that you see a Dr. immediately!
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Yep being a veteren of the claw wars, I would suggest you at least get some betadine, and watch the area carefully. If it becomes red, swollen or hot get thee to the doc's!
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I have extreme reactions to cat scratches. The only thing that works for me is to wash is thoroughly and immediately and then cover it in antibiotic ointment (like neosporin). Keep it clean and ointment-ed until it heals.

I've also got a nasty scar from scratch on my hand that has ended my hand-modeling! Be ye careful!
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It seems to be healing so far.. three very nasty looking cut marks.. she must have really had those toes sprayed apart, kinda wide. At least theres not really much in the way of redness around it. I think instantly pouring proxide, alchol and water and covering it, as well as that shes an indoor only cat helped some, hopefully. Oh yea, also I had gotten some neosporin later that night as well.
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At any sign of an infection (fever, swelling/redness, pus, etc) I would always recommend going to a doctor. However, unless your immune system has problems (AIDS, post chemo therapy, other various immune diseases) cat scratch disease is usually quite benign (and most scratches don't even lead to it)

So you can probably rest easy

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Juicy got me the other night on accident. I was washing my face and all of a sudden i heard a huge crash sound and ran out to the bedroom and found that he had jumped on top of my huge dresser!!! I tried to grab him because he was falling backwards at the same time as a big container of quarters that I have up there...so anyways, I grabbed Juicy, and the container of change fell, hit something and spilled the change everywhere, making a loud noise...it scared Juicy and he kicked his foot and made a nice little gash on the palm of my hand! It immediately began to bleed and I had to lay down on the ground cause I started getting dizzy. Seeing myself bleed makes me all woozy and i start to pass out! ( I still cry when I get shots/finger pricked too! hehe!!!).

it doesn't look like much, but it hurts because it's in such an inconventient spot, especially since I am right-handed!!!
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Thankfully my three scratch marks are starting to heal up ok and not spreading out with redness or streaks or anything. I hope yours heals up just as fast. Mine was not really that painful though considering they were kinda deep, but at least it was on the wrist far enough up that it wasn't where it flexed.
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