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scared kitty??

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My Danielle today seems scared of everything. This morning she was pacing, stalking the apartment. Anytime we would try to touch her, she clearly skulked out from under our touch. I even tried to brush her, which sheLOVES but she didn't want it.

Then she napped, and now she still seems afraid of us.
She has pretty much healed from her infections, and has been very affectionate to myself all along and has been really warming up to my husband.

She is eating, drinking, pooping fine.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this happening to anyone elses cats now? I was wondering if here was "something in the air"?
Or do cats do that sometimes, and it is nothing to worry about.

Thanks for any advice.
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Val - my babies will do the same thing at times. Attitude? I think!
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Debra, thanks.

It just seem she is afraid of me. She has NEVER been afraid of me.

I hope this passes.
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I know how you feel - my Lumpy girl does this to me the most. I too wonder sometimes what she might sense, but then you look away and you got a fur ball jumping up for pets. Danielle is so fortunate to have you and hubby. I think of her (and you) often. (your little family)
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Originally posted by debra myers
I think of her (and you) often. (your little family)
AAAWWWWWw Debra, thank you, how sweet you are!!

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Cats give you love when THEY want it. Mine are the same way and it's nothing to be worried about, trust me.

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A friend wrote this to me. I don't know how many of you are into metaphysics, but this is what she said. Ida is her cat:

"Cats are supersensative to many things. The tiniest of changes will cause them to "seem" scared. Normally, when this happens, cats do not want too much affection, and should be allowed to come to you on their own. If they don't not to worry, after it passes, they will.
Also, cats sense angels as well, and there may be more than one guardian angel who has appeared in your home recently, and cats DO see those. Ida sees ours all the time, and between the 6 of us, there's a minimum of about 10 angels and spirits in our home at any given point, not to mention all the transients that fly through ( not even close to kidding here guys ).
My dad, who is with us almost continuously, ( he passed over in May of 1992 ), and Ida has come quite accustomed to him, as well as the other spirits in our home. I have one spirit guardian, who is a gray wolf, and her name is Nahani. And there are 3 liitle girl angels, and an elder from the Mohawk indian tribes, who was a shaman. Those are my spirit guides, and Ida has become accustomed to them all.
However, when there's a transient around, she will act pretty much in the same manner that Danielle is. very much to herself.....and sometimes she'll even follow them around the house. Not to worry about it. If it gets too bad, where you're extremely concerned, or if this continues for more than a couple of days.....call the vet and see what he/she may have for an idea.
To me, it sounds like there might be a few angels passing through is all. Always remember, cats have this 6th sense about them that humans cannot understand fully."
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