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How much to feed her?

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I recently adopted my cat from a shelter. She is 7 years old. In her notes it said that she eats 1 pouch of meat per day, half in the morning and half in the evening, and some cat crunchies in the morning and evening. I have been feeding her this but she still seems to be hungry. She lets me know with a special long miiiiaaaaaoooooowwwwww which she usually does at breakfast and dinner time. Is she really hungry or trying it on? She doesn't seem to like her cat crunchies so much.
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well, how big is she?

My adult kitty gets a pouch but she also gets her dry food (which she likes) and she doesn't give me the impression that she is still hungry (she almost never finishes her dry food) she is about 9.5 lbs

**also, its worth noting that when we first brought our kitty home she wouldn't eat her dry food because her teeth were bothering her...now that we have that taken care of she eats it just fine.
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Is she just meowing at dinner and breakfast time? Is she still meowing after she eats or is it just before? Is that when you feed her? I feed my kitties twice a day, mostly dry but I do give them canned at dinner sometimes. Anyway, I put a certain amount in each of their bowls in the morning and then in the evening and they are hungry and they get excited and meow and race to their bowls but I don't get a sense that they are hungry all day, but they definitely are hungry at meal times, which I look at as good. They generally do finish their food but most of the time there are a few morsels a left so I think I have hit on a good amount for them. I think it's a matter of looking at the recommended amount on the package of food based on their weight, then adjusting accordingly. It seems to me that striking that balance in ongoing. My Marcellus tends to gain weight very easily, much more so than the other cats, so I watch him a little more carefully. He's on the tubby side right now. Also, I think some cats are just different. Some cats do just fine with free feeding but one of mine would blow up if I did that. I had a friend who's cat ballooned to 25 lbs - he was not a Maine Coone because she fed him everytime he meowed....he loved his food and she just couldn't resist the meows. Sadly, the cat did pass away young and now they have 2 new kitties...she's not allowed to feed him... it's quite a joke at their house.
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I forgot to tell you. Congratulations on your new kitty. I think it is wonderful when people adopt shelter kitties...2 of mine were shelter kitties and the other one was an abondoned kitty. My dog of 12 years was abandoned at 3 days old and I always get a warm feeling in my heart knowing we have given them a good home. Enjoy your new kitty. How wonderful too that you adopted an older cat. I wanted my 3rd cat to be older but then our little Lewis needed a home.
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