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When did you realize you were in love?

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Do you remember the moment that you knew?
Even if he/she wasn't the one, do you rememer when you fell in love?

I know when I fell head over heals for Brandon but would love to hear yours!
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Wow.... you people say that love at first sight doesn't exist... but you know something? It does. It's not your thunderbolt "I want to be with this person all my life" feeling immediately... but it's there and it just continues to grow. I realized I was in love the very first time I saw Rune, and he smiled at me. It was also when I realised how miserable I'd been for years - I never knew it until I smiled back at him, because it physically hurt my face to do it. It was the first time I'd smiled in literally years. It sounds a little bit dramatic really, but that's exactly how it happened. That lovin' feeling just gets stronger every day even if he's as romantic as a fart... he does have his moments
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Were not together now but..........

I couldn't eat, i used to wake up i don't know how many times during the night wondering if it was time to get up so i could see him again!, butterflies as soon as i saw him, and when my friend said she's never seen me "sparkle" like i did in a long time!!.

He used to be the same, and because we worked at the same place he was always in 30 minutes before he started to come and sit in my office, plus he found himself putting things such as his empty coffee cup in the fridge!!

Thats love
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Hmmm. I think it was more gradual for David and I. Little things happened that when I look back I think "that could have been the moment". First... he had come into class on crutches and his knee in a brace. And I held the door for him and he got really embarassed. Then there was the time that I went to help my roommate in the computer lab and he was there and he sent me a message through the computer system... that was just adorable.

Hmmm. Then I think to how he was my math tutor and we'd just talk... and never about math. lol

But I think the big thing that made me stop and think is how I sent him christmas cookies when I was in Maine and he was home in Vermont. The shipping was 20 bucks!!! That's a lot of cookies mind you. LOL.

I just felt more comfortable with him then anyone I had ever met. It was just right.
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When I first met Adrian, I thought he as so handsome, sweet, funny and smart.. All the things that I always wanted in a guy but, I knew that another friend of mine was interested in him so I left him alone... Once she was out of the picture, he and I started spending more time together, I warned myself not to fall for him because I knew that he wasnt ready for a relationship and that I would ultimately get hurt... I spent every day for 5 months with him, sometimes 4 or 5 days at a time 24/7... Everything bad started to happen but he was there for me the whole time, whenever I needed him... I was aware of the fact that I was falling for him despite knowing that I shouldnt... But, I think the moment I realized for sure that I was in love with him was when I didnt hear from him for 2 days, which was unusual because we saw each other ever day and if we didnt see each other we had at least talked to each other... I was so upset that I had not heard from him and during a conversation with his best friend, he said "You're in love and you need to tell him" and I realized.. "I am in love!!" Now, every time I hear his voice on the phone or any time he kisses me or even when I just see him for a little while... My heart just melts... Even tho we are still 'just friends', I love him with all my heart and I know that the love he already has for me will grow into something wonderful... "143 ~ Cuba"
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Well, Brendan said it first but because I had just gotten out of a 2.5 year relationship I didn't want to say it at that moment. I knew I loved him, but having been burned I wanted to make SURE. But like I said, I knew it all along. I never got tired of being with him. We would spend full days straight together and I would only want more. We never fought (and still haven't, that's not to say we don't get annoyed at each other or have a brief argument, we've just never in 3 years have had a fight) and my heart and stomach were always flipping around when I'd be with him. He told me he loved me and I felt my ears ring and my temperature immediately rise. I couldn't speak and my mouth was dry. I knew that I loved him too, but I waited until about a week later and then told him while he was walking me to my car one night, he literally fell onto the floor because his knees got so weak.
Thank you for reminding me of such a great memory. I love Brendan now more than ever, especially since I've seen the kinds of things we can overcome.
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I met Jeremy when we were in the 7th grade and I just couldn't get him out of my head. After a year and a half of him visiting me and us talking on the phone he asked me out on May 20, 2000 and we've been together ever since. He proposed to me on December 21, 2004...we've been having probs lately, but things are starting to look up and I'm very much looking forward to being Mrs.Swan....Raven Swan...what a name
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I fell in love with my current husband while I was still married to my ex.
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I knew I was in love with Eponine the first day I saw her at the Athens Humane Society. She chose me right away, for sure
I first knew I was in love with Bradley, as unromantic as this sounds, after we had our first disagreement. Our communication styles meshed, we talked things through, and I woke up the next morning feeling no anger or resentment towards him. That's when I knew it was love I keep falling in love with him every single day (I know, gush overload )
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Reading everyone's stories made me smile and sent chills down my back.

I think the time I first realized I was in love was when I had my first all-night conversation.
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I knew i was in love with Kevin when we were watching "Shrek" shortly after we started dating and I fell asleep ontop of him on the couch. We both woke up at the same time and he smiled down at me. There's just something about "us" that feels right and natural.
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
I fell in love with my current husband while I was still married to my ex.
;-) Isn't it funny how stuff like that works out sometimes??
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when i first got with my bf, i wasnt surei wanted it as id not long come out of another relationship, but after a couple of months we went away together, and i knew then, since then we havent spend a night apart and moved in together.
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when i first met my now bf i was working fast food thru college and he was in highschool and it was his first day on the job. He walked in and it was like in those teenage movies where time stood still and I was afraid to move. Anyhow, he walked into the office to do paperwork and i grabbed a coworker and fake fainted and said 'my gawd i'm in love'...

But the real thing didn't happen until 3 years later when we started dating. It was a very passionate and exciting beginning with a lot of deep emotions coming very early. It was and still is a total whirlwind for me but the good kind. I think knowing him first sped things along some. But i can't pinpoint the moment, it was like a combination of moments.
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I think that with Jeremy and I, it was kinda always there...we just never said it. We were friends for years, all through high school. It was our senior year when we finally got it right...we've been together ever since. Just got married on August 7. He was definitely worth taking a chance on. It was kind of a storybook romance. He was from the "city", and I was from a backwoods southern family. He moved into the neighborhood next to my parents house, and my car broke down right by there. He came out and fixed my car, and we became friends. I dated other people off and on...but he never did. I used to harass him about it all the time, "who are you seeing? who are you with?" He always said no one. And then we went down to the river one afternoon with some friends after school. I HATE the water. Positively absolutely am terrified of the water. He picked me up and walked into this river with me. I think it was then that I knew that there was some kind of connection with him. We started dating a few months after that and its going on 5 years this August. We got married on our anniversary. And even now, we are still friends. The kind of friends that can go get ice cream, or watch movies and laugh together. Whoever said marriage is like being tied down...well, they must not have known a marriage like mine!!
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wow-great question. My entire relationship with Willis has been filled with experiences where I feel like I could not possibly be more connected to him or have more love for him, and then something happens that makes me wonder if my heart might just burst.

I have tried to write the second paragraph of this about 6 times today. I will write something out and think, no wait, thats not it and write something else and repeat. So, unfortunately, I cant give an answer that actually answers the question posed in this thread except to say I dont remember ever knowing him and not loving him.

and to say that all of that love became something extrodinary on our wedding day--something about standing there and saying those vows and becoming husband and was just.... amazing.

so how's that for a daily dose of sap??
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For me it was when I realized that I was more comfortable with Ron (Bf) than with anyone else I'd ever known. He tolerates my corny jokes, bad moods, wrestles around with me like kids, and is there for me when I need a shoulder. We joke that we must be in love since we put up with so much crap from each other.

We have also been through some very tough times together, so that just reinforces our feelings even more.
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Jerry and I met on line, and talked for almost 3 months before I agreed to meet him for lunch. It was love at first sight, *he says for him too* when we got out of our cars in the parking lot of ChiChi's restaurant. We hugged and the rest is history. That lunch turned into 9 hours!!
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I can't really say when the first time I knew I was in love was. There were so many little things he used to do that built going with me to an aunt's funeral and holding Mom's hand the entire night.

I can remember the first time I said I love you like it was yesterday. It was a holiday so we were spending the day together. We had just made love, and were cuddling on the bed. I hid my face, and told him I have something to say, and I understand if he's not ready. He stiffened, and asked me what was wrong. After I told him, he started laughing, hugged me and told me he was wondering when I would realize it. He had known we were in love a few months before that. We spent the rest of the day arguing about who loved whom more.

I was so scared to tell him. Before this, every time I said those words, it scared the guy off or he used it against me. Its a wonderful feeling to love a man who is so willing to love you freely back.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I couldn't eat, i used to wake up i don't know how many times during the night wondering if it was time to get up so i could see him again!, butterflies as soon as i saw him, and when my friend said she's never seen me "sparkle" like i did in a long time!!
That's exactly how I felt! It was love at first sight and it happened March 31, 1984. We were married for 16 years. Now we're divorced but we are best friends.
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It was a Saturday, just after he had walked back into my life.

I met Rob in 1975 in our church choir. He was married then. He had a little boy. We lived near each other about 20 km from the church, and carpooled to rehearsals and services. As time went on, a casual friendship developed, and then he dropped out of choir to take up gliding, and I didn't see or hear from him for over a year. When he called, it was to tell me that he and his wife had split -- which wasn't a surprise, because many of us had been aware that the marriage was in trouble -- and could he see me? I was glad to hear from him, and happy to see him.

We went out several times, and then came the Saturday in November -- the 21st, to be precise -- when he was coming over and we were gong to do haven't a clue what! I remembered from when he was active in the choir, one year Nov 22 was a Thursday -- we had a rehearsal, and in the course of the evening, we had occasion to observe three things: it was St Cecilia's Day (patron saint of music); it was the anniversary of JFK's assassination (do you remember what you were doing when you heard? everyone did); AND we had a birthday to celebrate -- Rob's. The thing I couldn't remember was whether it had happened yesterday or was about to tomorrow.

Well, I wanted to observe the date, so I had my small gift for him when he came on Saturday, and said, "I don't remember whether it's today, or Monday, but Happy Birthday." He misted up, said I'd solved a problem for him, and invited me to dinner on Monday night. Seems he desperately wanted to do that, but didn't want to make a big thing of it being his birthday. That was when the penny dropped for me. And, incidentally, it was a lovely dinner, and went on into the wee small hours.
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