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Guess who?!

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So I ask Jerry to get some shots of the kids the other day, and this is what he!

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Hee! That's cute!

Your hubby seems to share your sense of humor, eh?
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Gotta love em!!
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Way to go, Jerry! least I now know that my hubby isn't the only one!
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Hi Sarah!!! Oh no, your husband isn't the only one......
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lol thats just too cute!
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thats too funny!
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Maybe he was going for the "artistic" approach?
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Ask Jerry from me was that picture he was taking supposed to be of Tiggy or the bed?!
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Men....need I say more? Those pictures are a hoot
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Good work Jerry! can you make me a photography work?
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That's funny, Jerry is a great photographer!
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Perhaps you can use them for a collage?
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I can sympathize with Jerry - at least half my photos look like that!
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