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MoMo to Michaela. . .=^..^=

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I have not forgotten you my Tortise Temptress.

I lie awake all night and "Pine" for you no less. . . .

I hope this image of me calling your name; comes thru without a mess!

I must be quick; least my human should guess. . . . . . . .

Hope you receive your lover's sad

MoMo(That Tabby Trojan with a Broken Heart)
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My love, please forgive me for not having seen your wonderful thread! It breaks my heart to think you are sad. I so want to come to you! Your image, refreshed by the photograph you sent, is constantly before me.

Do not trouble yourself about Bill, who stays here overnight. My dear departed mother, who was Queen, taught me much about diplomacy; and so I neither growl nor hiss at our lodger. Poor Tonya, on the other hand, is afraid Bill might "try something"; and she's always growling whenever he passes near to her. Such an attitude only encourages Bill to be playful, so he chases her! Would that our people everywhere were more restrained in their domestic relations.

Forgive the above digression, but perhaps you could ask Handsome Boyo to speak with Tonya about such matters. You both seem such dignified and stately people!

:egypt: :egypt:

Of course my heart belongs only to you, dearest MoMo; and so it shall remain, forever. I am well; and I hope you are, too. I embrace you from afar; and I remain . . .

Your warmest love,

Michaela Kristin

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