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Love and worry go hand in hand

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Well, it's 12:10, about 2 hours past our bedtime. Jerry just got paged for a fire and quickly left. I absolutely hate this feeling. I can't go back to sleep until he's safely back home. Being married to a firefighter can really stink at times.
Now I see he forgot his cell phone. He usually calls me when he's on his way back, but now he won't be able too. Good vibes please..............
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come back safe vibes coming strong for you and Jerry from chilly IA!!!!!!!!
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Sending some good vibes your way
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Susie, I know exactly the anxiety you're feeling, my friend. When Eric leaves, even though he wears a bullet-proof vest, I get a twinge. And he forgets his cell I have no way of knowing. I always say quiet prayers and talk to the kitties. We miss him, if only for 1 shift.....but that's all it takes. Many nights I can't sleep until I hear his key in the door around morning. Then, peace. Then, I sleep. You are a wonderful wife and he knows this and feels you with him. It calms him, too.

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Thanks Barb, Rita and Eddie..........glad to know I'm not alone.........
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Sending come home soon and safe vibes to You for Jerry Susie hon... Find TTP and gather them in bed with You and they will keep you safe from harm til he returns safely home.
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Sending lots of good vibes for you & Jerry.
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Thanks Sandra and Tina ............they are all right here in various spots around me sound asleep. Well, except for Tiggy.......he's trying to bathe his hind end.......
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LOL! That's funny!!!!! Twig is doing the same thing!!!!! only on my computer desk right next to me!!!!
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I'm thankful that this is not a worry that I have. I don't know how the spouses of firefighters and cops hold it together. Many vibes and prayers, Susie -- you're both in my thoughts until he's home safe.
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Thanks does stink, but it's the profession they love, and we have to beleive that God is watching over them..........
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You are right, God is watching over Jerry, waiting to return him to your loving arms, please try not to worry, I know you will, but I had to say it

I know it isn't the same but Brandon works 40 minutes out of town, and well, our winters make the highway SCARY. I can't do anything if he is even a minute late, I freeze and clutch the phone. So in a way I understand~

Jerry will be home soon, cuddle up with TTP and try to relax
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Thanks everyone...he just walked in the door! What would I do without you all!! Good night!
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Great Sweet Dreams
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Get some sleep now! Have a wonderful night!
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Sorry I'm just catching up, Susie.I'm so happy Jerry returned home safely as we knew he would! Hope you two slept peacefully together!
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Thanks everyone........I don't worry about Jerry as much when he's on a regular shift. I guess I'm just busy and don't have as much time to worry. But when their fire dept gets called in for mutual aid in the middle of the night, that's when I DO have time to worry........doesn't happen often, but when it does, ugh! Thanks again for all the caring! Glad you guys were up! Time to start myday again............Is it Friday yet????
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no not yet, in about 12 hrs
Glad to know he is safe back home
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Glad to have the confirmation that Jerry's home safe and sound.
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I'm glad that he came back safe and sound! I knew he would!
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