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Zeus Pictures

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Here are some new pictures of Zeus that I took today

And two of Peppurr just because he is so cute...

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They are both gorgeous, I just love their eyes!
Love the pics!
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Great pictures!!! How does Zeus do on a leash? Im assuming good or you wouldnt take him out LOL Did you start that when he was a kitten?
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Yeah, he does pretty good on his harness. He's been using it since he was a baby.
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Awww, they are both so beautiful!!!!
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What breed or -- are they? Zeus is amazing! What a great boy!!
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They are both mixed breeds
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Great pictures! Does he dislike that leash or tolerate it fairly well? Was it hard to get him used to it?
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Your cats are beautiful! Who is the dog in your signature picture? What a beaut!
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He does pretty good on the leash, it did take him a while to get him used to it though.

The dog in my signature is my Golden Retriever, Buddy
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Aw, very cute!
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