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How do i deal with..............

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Hey guys i just wanna ask some more advide how do i deal with a bitty kitten.
It just loves to pounch and bite feet and toes. I have tried to keep it interested in toys by playing with it, but it just plays for a few seconds (not exagerating!!) and then its straight back to our feet and toes.

At first i thought it was cute but now its just annoying and it hurts. Another thing i have tried is everytime the kitten gets a bit to bitty i put it back in its kitten house but it just jumps out and is straight back to chewing on my toes!!

Please help a girl with poor red chewed toes Thanx!
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LOL! Poor you with bitten toes. Those teeth and claws sure are sharp, especially when they are wee.
The first thing you can do is trim the claws. Make sure to not cut into the quick cuz it hurts them bad and they bleed something fierce.
To stop the chewing, put something bad tasting on your feet. She probably won't like that at all and it may cause her to stop.
I'm sure there are other ideas as well, but those are the first that came to my mind.
Good luck!
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Thanx Devlyn I would never have thought of putting something yucky on my feet. I might try Vegimite (I'm an Aussie!!! and must admit its terrible stuff!!!!)
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I wouldn't recommend food of any type. Toes move, kittens play and when people move, kitty pounces. Blanket wars are discouraged- wiggling toes under the blanket? Kittens are smart enough to figure out that toes belong to feet and feet are under the blanket.

I would look for something lemon-scented to add to your hand lotion, lemon juice, lemon balm, lemon oil, and spread that on your feet. I wouldn't play with the kitten with your hands or your feet, she will grow out of it- pretty quickly.
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to add to what Hissy said , I rubbed orange peels on my hands and feet. She's right, citrus works wonders
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