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Sticky beeks!

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I just received a fax from my parents!
I hate it seriously!
I have been having problems with the bank because the new "person" She is one of the stupidist women on this planet which i dont even know why she has to be in CHARGE of other peoples accounts!!!
On the 7th of January i still had 500 euros on my account.
I didnt know that the crappy 300 something euro bill was going to get taken off so i though OKAY WE GO TO IKEA TO GET A MATRESS AND OTHER THINGS FOR THE HOUSE! and so we ate out and lalala.
Anyway i ended up going on minus... Did i say that i wanted my account to go below 0? NO! this woman decided in december to activate my account that i can go below 0 SO!! because i ended up buying so much stuff, SHE MADE THE COMPANIES RETURN THE MONEY!!!!!
So do you know what? I have a load of letters coming here stating to return the money to the companies WHICH Is fine... except!
My bank didnt send the money that WE ATE AT IKEA which was under 10 euros, Its been a month and now its the first letter i receive stating i have to pay 65 euros.
I swear, if i see this woman im going to smack her face in for being new and KNOW NOTHING!
anyway my point was that

dont you??
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Oh no, Fwan, how frustrating to have all this going on with your account, and then having this incompetent woman working at the bank!I agree with you completely! I consider my mail to be personal and private and it feels like a violation of my privacy for anyone to open my mail! Perhaps you could discuss with your parents how strongly you feel about this?
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ah i have, im just getting my mail redirected from now on
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Good idea, Fwan!
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Oooops thats naughty!!.

You've done the right thing by having it redirected!
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oh, wow, that is awful!! a couple years ago I had a big problem with my account and it went negative and I had all of these overdraft charges and my parents were opening my mail too on "accident"!! OH GOD it drove me nuts because not only did I have the crap with the bank to go through, I had them to lecture me about it!!!!

way to go with the redirect
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