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Difficult sitution

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well, i had better start by explaning how this mess started. Belle, my youngest cat is aprox 1 year old. We took her to the vets about 3 months ago and payed to have her spayed. She had her op, came home, recuperated and was allowed back out side. What really stummped me was at our last visit to the vet we were told that my firbabie is expecting!!! Now the vet we used to get her spayed wasn't my usual vet and his surgey has now been shut down because he had been having money for peocedures (sp) he was not completing, such as my belle being cut open and sewn up to look as though she had been spayed and not. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!
Now she's only a mixed breed, nothing special and i have been taken very un-awares by this pregnancy. My usual vet has advised me to look out for when she begings to lactate as an indicator to when she is due as i do not know the exact time she was mated. I noticed today that she has begun to secreate a clear looking liquid from her teats! is this the beginning of lactation? and if so how long should it be before she has the babies?
Although this litter is unexpected and i feel very unprepared, i want to do whats best for her, but i'm having trouble finding this info out. Any advice would be appreciated
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Laura I moved your post. There is a good website that has helped many people

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Poor Belle, to have been opened up like that!! Is she expected to have any problems with pregnancy & delivery?? I know this may sound mercenary, but keep all your receipts; I don't know what state you're in, but you might be able to recover the costs resulting from the pregnancy from the vet who did NOT perform properly. It is important that he make retribution - that is so horrible to make those poor animals go through the discomfort of the procedure for nothing. You could check with your local bar association about taking him to small claims court. You should be entitled to recovery because of the costs related to kittens, including feeding a lactating queen, shots for the kids, extra litter, etc..On the upside, how exciting to have kittens on the way, with a mama kitty who has a loving mom to care for her & the little ones! Please keep us posted! I wonder where she'll chose to have them. Take Care, Susan
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How horrible!! But the usual gestation time is about 60 days. Did your vet say anything about any potential problems due to her surgery?? PM me if you have any questions-I've dealt with MANY LITTERS in the past!!
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This is just awful Poor Belle. I'm glad she has you to take care of her and her kitten
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Thak you all for your consern. The vet said that belle should be fine during the pregnancy dispite her previous experiance, the other vet simply made it look as if he had spayed her and didnt actually do much else. My only major concern now is that she is a rather small cat, but i'm hoping all should go well. I'm keeping a close eye on her just to be sure. We've gotten her a large box for her to have the babies in and lined it with several layers of soft bedding, she has been in there a bit today, nesting down, so i guess we wont be waiting too much longer. I'll keep you all posted on her progress and i'llbe sure to make some pics availabe to everyone, once everything has settled down.
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