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Pregnancy signs

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Hello its me again . Yet again I have more questions . My femal persian came into heat on jan 24th . We had the male here from the 25th till the 29th.He tried and tried . Now we dont have a confirmed matting ( as in her screaming out and then rolling around on the floor after ) but her nipples were pinking when we checked them on the 10th of feb and she has been eeatting like a pig since then . She has not come back into heat. Would this mean shes pregnant ? I cant take her to the vet to find out cause I just spent my last money on her food and litter and with no shifts at work next week I wont be getting money for awhile. any information would be great
thank you

( ps sorry about the spelling mistakes if theer are any im trying to fight a cold and my typing is not all that good right now )
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Okay, if you go from the second day of mating, then it would have been 16 days after that on the 10th, usually, they pink up around 21 days. If you check her now and she's even pinker then chances are that she is.

Ummmm on a side note...

I know sometimes it is hard but you really should try and witness the act, as well as the roll afterward. Even if you can only put them together 3 times a day or so ( morning, when you get home from work, before you go to bed etc.). This will give you a more accurate timeframe of expectency.

We always go with the second day of mating, and mate them 3 of 4 times a day for 3 days, but count the 21st and 63rd day from that day.

Hope that helps!
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we were around for almost the whole time but the male was stupid . He would mount her from the side on not be far enough up just a whole lot of things. She would also roll over . THe only time they were alone was a few hours when we put them in a pen . Ill have to check them later I do think there pinker tho
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