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What would you do?

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I was reading the newspaper yesterday and saw the usual weekly ad for our local SPCA. In it, was something very sad. There is an adult Calico kitty named 'Phyllis' there who has been there since April She's beautiful and the ad states shes very affectionate. All I can picture is thios poor girl watching cat after cat be chosen while she goes ignored and forgotten. I'd like to do something to help her, as she is an adult cat and won't find a home as easliy as the kittens that keep pouring in. I'm not sure how much longer the poor baby has, as the shelter is a kill shelter. I'm such a bleeding heart. All these darlings want is a chance to be loved. Anyone got any suggestions?
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How about taking her out for a day or so and bringing her to visit people where you work or family and friends? Maybe there will be a connection!!

My other thought would be to take her home with you?
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Midnight spent 6 months in a no kill shelter before I adopted her. Some people are willing to adopt older cats. Maybe one of your friends or relatives would be interested in adopting Phyllis??
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I'm going to ask around. My hubby says "No More Cats! " otherwise I'd go get her tomorrow. Before I got my kittens I was looking at their website and fawning over Phyllis. shes soooooo beautiful I thought she'd be long gone by now! Here's her picture:
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I am very partial to calicos, and I never had one that wasn't an affectionate joy to have around. I do hope you can help this Lady find a home. Perhaps with an elderly person who needs a good companion. Best of Luck, Melissa. You are a great friend of felines, for caring about this calico.
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Melissa, thanks for caring so much for this Phyllis...I know how it is to want to save every's heartwrenching. I don't put it passed myself to pick up a couple more within the next year.

Maybe you could give her that special home no matter what hubby has to say...what's one more? She is beautiful!

Love & Peace,
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How about bringing hubby to the shelter to see Phyllis?? I have 7 cats and believe me it's no more work than 1 or man. I say give the poor girl a home. See if you can compromise with hubby, a trade off sort of. You'll wash his truck for a month, or cook his favorite meal as many times as he wants. Better yet, tell him you'll ask for nothing else for a year (birthday, christmas, etc.). Pout, do whatever, but she really needs you in her life.

Let me know how you make out.

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Oh please try to find a home for Phyllis!!! She is beautiful, and looks so loveable, and it would be so sad to see her put to sleep......beg your hubby if you have to, or do what I do....wait until he is in a very vulnerable moment (I won't say when) and then say...."Oh Pleeeeeeeeease can we keep Phyllis????????" and give him the puppy dog eyes.
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Thanks to you all for your concern. I can see it now...Hubby banning me from TCS.Hee! Hee! We are in the process of moving at the moment, so in the uproar a new kitty (particulary a frightened girl thats been through so much) would find it difficult to adjust. Hubby's adage is "you can't save them all,hon" my answer? I can try! I'm doing everything I can to find Phyllis a home, but unfortunately at the moment, it can't be with me . I'm going to make more phone calls though, and do my best. Send prayers for this poor forgotten girl!
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My hubby saw a pic of Phyllis last night and after hearing her story (how shes been in the shelter for 8 months) he said we can go get her as soon as we're moved into our new place! He said this is absolutely it no more after this I'm going to call the SPCA today and ask them to keep her for me until we move, only a couple more weeks. Yay! I'm so happy the poor girl will have a good home now. She needs a new name though, don't you think?? Any suggestions?
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Your hubby is an ! You can give him lots of hugs and kisses from me!
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That is great! I am so happy for you! Phyllis will make a great addition to your family..... Her name is kinda cute, but I would change it, too. Or call her "Liz" for short. What does her personality seem to be like?
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She seems a bit shy, but otherwise very sweet .
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Hi Melissa!!!
I think I'm going to fall off the chair after all this great news...You've got Phyllis and Nena found her new "Rascal"...both of you finally getting your wish! This is a great day! You made my day Thanks for the great news to start my morning with

Love & Peace,

PS...I like her name; I kinda like Philly for short; sounds cool
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If she is sweet, how about calling her "sweetpea"?
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Yeah Melissa! Way to go! Your hubby sounds just too kind for words. My hubby would divorce me if I got another animal. I'm so glad Phyllis will have a loving home now. Good luck with your move.
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Sounds like hubby is a bit of a soft touch too . . . He lays down the law then gives in! lol In our house it's the other way around. I keep saying "We don't have room for the cats we have now" and hubby brings home new ones! He's such a mushball. Anyway.

I had a friend who named her cat Plum. Sounds kind of odd, but he was Sugar Plum when he was sweet, and Plum Crazy when he was playing or hyper, and of course Plum Tuckered Out when he was sleeping. Too cute! But probably only good in the South, with a Siamese, or it you're a country music fan. Otherwise it's too fake or punny.

I like Swee'Pea, though. Not that I actually call any of my cats by name. Seems like once I live with them a while, they get nicknames suited to their personalities.
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Melissa - if your hubby was here now I would smother him to death with kitty kisses.

This is great great news!

Congratulations on Phyllis
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That is so wonderful that you have saved this cat!!! I know exactly how you feel. It is so heartwrenching to see the orphans and not be able to rescue them and give them a loving home. I hate it everytime my husband tells me about cats and dogs that are being given away to a good home or when ever I see an ad in the paper. It is so sad to not be able to save them all. I have wanted to volunteer for the Humane Society numerous times, but I am so afraid that it will break my heart that I can't take them all home. All of their sad eyes looking at you saying "Please, take me with you!"
But, just to know that you saved one more is wonderful.
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Oh Melissa, I am so happy to hear you will be taking Phyllis home with you, soon!!!!!!! You and your husband are 's!!!
Give him a hug for me also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have just made my day with this news! (and beleive me, it needed to be made!)
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I'm glad hubby had a change of heart. She's going to have a wonderful life with you guys. Give your hubby a hug from me and tell him he just saved a cat's life. He should be very proud.

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You might offer the shelter a down payment just to be safe, so they really will keep her for you. Good for you and hubby! And what a lucky kitty Phyllis is.
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