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Is it safe?

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Hi - I am new to the site so will give you a bit of background. I have two adorable kittens who will be six months old on Saturday ! I have them booked in to be spayed on Wednesday next week and I am scared stiff of putting them under the knife...... is this totally safe ??????

Thanks xx
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Jules like all operations there is a risk, but vets carry out these operations everyday and always monitor them closely from being put under to them coming out of the operation.

I've went through it with both Rosie and Sophie and even though i knew all this it didn't stop me from worrying but they came through it no problem

Don't worry they'll be fine and you know were all here to give support!
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Thank you. I have taken three days off work to spend with them afterwards

I will just monitor them closely and give them cuddles !!

Are they really groggy afterwards ?

Thanks Again
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Jules, I made your question into it's own thread.

Like Susan said, with any operation there will be risk, but spaying really is a routine surgery. Of course you will worry, but the chances of anything out of the ordinary happening are so incredibly slim.

If you pick the kits up the same day as the surgery, you will notice them being pretty groggy for the night. If they stay overnight at the vet's, it won't be as apparent although they will still sleep a lot the next day.
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If they have any unusual symptoms afterwords, dont be afraid to call your vet and ask about them. Its better to find out sooner vs later when a kitties health is at risk, as it is with any surgery and recovery. But it is a very common operation and usually not a problem so you should not worry to much.
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specifically, i would ask the vet just when and how you kitty should act after coming out of anestesia.
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There is always a risk, be it human or animal when it comes to general anesthesia, because after all, it stops and slows down the body process. One way you can help to safeguard the cats is to sign for the bloodwork before the surgeries. That way they can tell if something is wrong with the cat and may delay the surgery. It is more money, but I always go this route. I also sign for the added pain shot for the females before they come home. And make sure that there is a place you can put the cats where they can't really jump on things. Sometimes, for some reason they want to jump and being so drugged could hurt themselves.

If it helps you in 20 years I have had over 700 cats spayed and neutered, and never lost one. I rescue ferals and abused kitties privately.
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I just had 4 males and 6 females fixed and they were all just fine, dopey yeppers they were but they are usually right back to there own cat lol in 24 hours or so.
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I just had my tomcat neutered, and he acted REALLY funny for the rest of the day, but, within 3 days, after all the pain meds were finished, everything is back to normal! I don't think you have anything to worry about!
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I am sure they will be fine, but don't worry if they have different behaviour immediately afterwards. Some cats recover faster than others. My Dushka was sleepy and in a bit of pain for three days, while Ellie was normal and jumping around 24 hours later.
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