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My New Kitty

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Well it is confirmed I have anew kitty. His name is Chalky (although he is pure black) he is currently 3.5 months old.

The story behind him....
Last week I had people round at my flat for dinner and I heard this terrible yowling in the corridor and wondered what was going on. I opened the door and found a tiny black kitten roaming around here and there like he was lost. I rushed inside and grabbed some food and water to give him before he dissapeared. As soon as I got back outside I called him and he came racing up to me and wound around my legs purring like a little motorbike! I thought awwww how sweet. Then all of a sudden he dissapeared down the corridor and rushed towards a couple of men who were walking towards him who were not as interested in him as he was in them so they procceded to kick him right in front or me I was totally horrified and hurled loads of abuse at them........needless to say I scooped Chalky up in my arms and marched into my flat and slammed the door.

Bagpuss keeps wanting to mother him although it is truely obvious e really does not want that. And Jake (with his bad attitude) is really not sure what to make of all of this. The first night he was with me I kept him in the spare bathroom as I need him to be checked bu the vet to get the all clear. And another reason was he was terrified of Jake and Bagpuss, he is a domestic short hair and I guess it was the first time he had seen a persian and though 'Good God what the hell is that ball of fluff'

He is the most loving little kitty I have been around in ages, he wants nothing more than kisses and cuddles and he follows me every which way I go.

Although all the cats are getting to know each other but I have decided that due to lack of space he needs a new home, so I have found a great place for him I think he is moving into his new pad in a few weeks, the great thing is about his new pad is it is with a friend of mine from the office and I can go and visit him when ever I want and I will be looking after him when they go on holiday, so atleast I can love him and still see him.

I will get a picture of him so I can share this total cute little bundle of joy with everyone.
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How nice of you to help that poor baby! Can you believe the inhumanity of some people? I can't believe anyone could kick a defenseless little kitten!!! I'm a bit notorious for reporting people to the SPCA if I see any of that kind of behavior. I'm glad the kitty is going to have a good home now, he's lucky you were there and he wasn't left to the mercy of those cruel people! I'm sure if he could say 'Thank you' he would. You're an
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I agree! It was so kind of you to give that little kitten some help!
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AMANDA - God bless you for your intervention and giving the little guy a new home to look forward to! His new family with love him and it sounds like they will be very fortunate to have such a little
fur-love-ball in their home.
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Amanda; BagPuss and Jake are very lucky to have a Loving Mom like you. The little kitty will have a good life thanks to you and your friend. I can't wait to see a picture of him! You are an
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