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Daily Thread for Sunday 10/28

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Good morning everyone. Did everyone remember to set their clocks back one hour?? Everyone says you get an extra hour of sleep, but if you have chidren, then they get up at the same "time" which was 5 am here instead of 6!!
So, we are going to Martha's Vinyard today for a day trip. Its quite cool here on Cape Cod, only about 38 degrees right now. We are taking the ferry over for the afternoon. We were going to take the car too, but its too much money and we don't mind walking around with the stroller.
My cats tore thru the house this morning starting at 3 am. They were bouncing off of the stairs and tearing thru the entire first floor. Holy energy! Oh, yesterday I was able to trim my two kittens claws for the first time. They were on the couch sound asleep and I was able to get all of them done before they ever woke up. Puuuuurrrrfect!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.
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Oh goodie - a daily thread!!

Sunday always seems to go by so quickly. I have all the left over chores from Saturday to finish including the laundry ( if anyone wants clean underware for school/work tomorrow! )

Sun is shining - and the air is crisp - good day to work outside to button up for winter!
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I was just going to start a nice little daily thread about what a lovely rainy day we're having today. Then I turned on the TV and right now I'm a bit shaky... Turns out the rain might have saved my life...

My in-laws are in Thailand on holiday and left me their car. I was going to take the opportunity and pop over to the nearest shopping mall for some new preganancy outfits. We're having a very rainy - I love the rain, but it was raining pretty hard and I decided not to drive in this weather.

Right now, as I turned on the TV, I just heard there was a terror attack right there at the mall... At least two dead and more than 10 are injured, some quite badly. Boy, was that close! That's just 10 minutes away from here and they don't know where the terrorists went, so I think I'll just go and make sure that the door is locked and shut down all the windows. Just to be on the safe side, as I'm all alone at home.

On a happier note - the rain is just wonderful! I wish I was in a better mood now to enjoy it!
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Update - they think that there's probably no other terrorist still free, although they're still checking. They've asked people who live nearby to stay at home and not go out, but apparently that's just for people who live nearby (we're 10 minutes away by car - so that's not that close).
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Oops, we seemed to have started the thread at exactly the same time - I'll merge mine into this one.
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You are probably right about the rain saving your life! I was just wondering, living in Israel, do you have to carry a gas mask or other protective equipment with you whenever you leave your house to go shopping or do errands?
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Anne - Your post sure puts thing of importance into order. Makes doing laundry seem very trivial. I will pray that you are safe and will stay that way! Thank God for a rainy day!
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Anne please stay home and stay safe. I will pray that all is ok as I know how scared you are. I do suggest that you turn off everything and listen to the rain hit the roof or windows and listen how calming that could be. Works for me or should I say use to work for me until I moved to the desert. Living here four years I think it rain 4 times. Can't wait to get back home and actually hear and smell the rain.

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Originally posted by Lorie D.
I was just wondering, living in Israel, do you have to carry a gas mask or other protective equipment with you whenever you leave your house to go shopping or do errands?
No, we don't We do have a gas mask + other chemical warfare protection gear (an atropin injection and some other stuff) locked up at home (each person gets one that is good for his age and size). Last time we used it was during the gulf war... Fortunately we've had no real encounter with either chemical or biological warfare.

Israel is going through some rough times now, as is the US (for different reasons though). It really saddens me that the US puts so much pressure on our government to stop its activities against terrorism so as not to put the American coalition at risk. We are fighting the same enemy - islamic terrorism and I belive we should be united in the effort. Bin-Laden is just one aspect of the problem. The Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hizbullah share his ideology and implement it here.
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Anne; How disheartening it must be sometimes living where you do. I admire the strength of the Israeli people who go about their daily routines; cautious, but refusing to bow to the threats of terrorism by "cowering behind closed doors" or living "compromised" lives. May God continue to watch over you and Alpha and "Little Alpha". . . . . . You are always in my prayers.
I know that other members think of you or pray for you daily, also.
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Anne, I am so glad it rained there, and you stayed away from the mall!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry to hear about this, and my prayers are with you...stay home and stay safe.....we love you!!!
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