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Apology not necessary, silly! We've known this was coming since he decided he was going to get a ring, just been waiting for the day! Now, wouldn't Dori just make a lovely flower girl, and when shall I get fitted for my Bridesmaid dress? I just don't even know what to do, I'm so excited with you!You guys have been to hades and back, and I can imagine nothing to bring you more joy now! Wow, soon you'll be in your new home all settled in as an engaged couple! I've been so thrilled with you, Sierra and I have been dancing around!I'm just so honored to share your joy, my sweet friend!
Congratulations, Tanya and Eric!

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CONGRATULATIONS TANYA !!!! (Psst, need a caterer?)
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congratulations tanya, im so happy for you
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Congrats!! You must be so excited!!
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Congratulations Tanya, I'm so happy for you, I wish you and him the best!
Gorgeous Ring!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS Very best wishes to both of you for a long and happy future together. Your ring is gorgeous!
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Finally, after 6 years, my boyfriend proposed to me last night!
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Congratulations Tanya & Eric

I am just so happy & excited for you Tanya!! what wonderful wonderful news!! Enjoy this time as its just a magical time
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I am so happy for you. But do have a proper wedding - it needn't be too expensive - I was glad I did and it meant a lot to my family.
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