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I vow to you my Cat..

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My friend is dealing with the fact that she will very soon have to put down her beloved Tucker, and she wrote this... I asked if I could post it and she agreed... Please keep her and Tucker in your prayers as he dosen't have long and she is devastated

I Vow to you my Cat

I vow to you my cat
to love and care for you
You will be my best friend
through purrs and hisses
I will hold you close when you need me
as I know you will do for me
I vow to love you
throughout every day
I will think of you every minute
Until you are in my arms again
I vow to do the best for you
when the end comes
I will cry and hurt
but I will treasure our time
I will never lose you
Forever you will be in my heart
I vow to you my cat
to meet at the Rainbow Brigde
I vow to you my cat
you were never mine
I was and always am yours
I vow this all
To You My Cat
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Oh Ashley that is so sad but so moving!

Both of them are certainly in my thoughts right now because i'd hate to be in that position
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I´m so sorry Ashley, is really sad and uncomfortable too! my prayers for this little one!..
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That was very beautiful, My Heart goes out to your friend
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Very touching. Send my best wishes and my condolences please.
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Very beautiful, my thoughts and prayers are with your friend.
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that is just so beautiful
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I'm so sorry about your friends fur-baby Tucker The poem is very moving.
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Well, Tucker has left to go back home. I want to believe that he knew and wanted to spare his Mommy Nicki the pain of having to put him down.
He stopped breathing tonight, and Nicki decided not to take him to the vet. He died in loving arms. I hate the pain she is going through as I know I will have to face it again, at least three more times.

Please help me guide Tucker home, light a candle so he knows his way.

Dear Tucker, you are loved more than you know, not only by your Meowmy, I will never forget when you snuggled close to me, or when you chased off the guys that weren't good enough for Nicki. You were a love, and we will all miss you, no one more than your Meowmy. Your short life taught us so much more than we thought we would know... about love, compassion, and about how to smile. So from your Aunty Ash, and Meowmy Nicki, we love you little boy.
Please take care of your Mom, as I don't know how right now. She loves you more than most can understand, that's why she wants me to tell you this, surrounded by people who will understand.
God took you home for a reason, no one here will pretend to know why... We will miss you baby~

From Nicki:
Thank you all for supporting us. Tucker was my boy, and I will never forget the love he has given me in his short life. When he was feeling his worst I always felt the love he had for me. I hope he felt the same from me. Thank you all
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Oh, Ash, please tell Nicki how very sorry I am that she lost her precious baby. Her poem is very beautiful, thank you for posting it for us. Nicki, please know your angel Tucker is happy and healthy today, playing joyfully in Heaven awaiting the wonderful day when the two of you are reunited. I pray that you will feel peace in your heart to replace the sorrow and love and comfort to replace the emptiness. You are in my prayers during your painful time of grief.
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You are in my thoughts at this sad time. Dear Tucker knew he was loved to the end. He will always be with you.
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The poem to Tucker is so beautiful! I am glad he could go on his own; he must have felt that Nicki would be comforted and cared for by Ashley& B,C,T. When our beloveds have crossed the Bridge, it seems like the time together was so short!! I didn't read the post until today, Sat, but I will light a candle to shine across the way, so that Tucker sees how much we at TCS care about his meowmmy!! Susan
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Yes do please tell your friend that she is in our thoughts and we are so sorry for her loss!

Beautiful poem, too!
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