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Wedding Favours

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My daughter gets married in June, and I've told her I'll make the favours for the ladies at the tables. I want to do something different than sugared almonds, (who likes them anyway?)

Any suggestions for something different would be nice. (not a chocolate in a tiny box either, they just tease you and make you want more )
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Here's a few I got at some past weddings.
The first is a ceramic bell, followed by a ceramic napkin/paper holder, then it's a glass decor, another bell, then paper flowers and last a small clay container.

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oh Yayi,
i love the paper flowers one!!!
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I love sugared almonds!! Ok forget it, I am NOT coming now! Have a great time without me! *sob*
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well, I just got married last Nov and we had silver bells that I tied with personalized ribbon

*edit* here is a much better picture from the wedding

I was trying to stay away from candy, and they really made the table look very VERY pretty. :-) it really wasn't terribly expensive either...if you want more pictures PM me...I dont want to take up a ton of space on the board!

**also, not to push your hand on Jordan Almonds, but there are some things that can be done with them that I think are just lovely, like the lilies they made using them on this site:
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I love sugared almonds!!!!
they are my fav for when i go to a wedding!
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We found little ceramic baskets at a dollar store, wrapped confetti in tulle and ribbon, and hot glued silk flowers to the front of the basket. You can also wrap chocolates, the almonds, pot-pouree (sp?), flower petals, hot glue silk flowers into the bottom of the basket, etc etc etc.

We went looking in the stores that sold favors, but the prices were $4-15 each. Mom ran into a dollar store for something else and found these! They usually have about 50 in stock.
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I loooove sugared almonds too - we made a heap of favours for my wedding (bit of a bummer when it didn't happen and I was left with 100 of the damned things!), but we put in a heap of tiny silver horseshoes as well. The silver bells are beautiful - perhaps you could fill them with a couple of sugared almonds, maybe some horseshoes and you can buy shaped sequins like little hearts and doves and suchlike. Wrap it up in the netting and a ribbon... and you've got traditional favours in an updated form! Plus you won't have to buy quite so many almonds We had 2kg of sugared almonds to get rid of, and trust me, you do get fed up of them after a while! We were eating the things for months!
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well the good thing about them is that they last for ages!
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Oh Sharon that looks gorgeous!

Sorry I don't have any suggestions... I was thinking maybe candles for mine, but I agree - I'm staying away from the almonds too!
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Thanks, there's some food for thought. I think I'll give the £ shop a visit, and see what they have I can work with, I like the idea of little baskets.

Luckily I won't have to make too many, there's only around 50 coming to the reception. So I'll see how many ladies and children are listed.

There's around 150 coming to the night party but they won't be getting anything
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Oh Sharon I love those!
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A friend of mine just got married and she got alot of ideas from
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A friend of mine recently had a formal evening wedding, and at the catered reception following, her favours were miniature wine bottles, either red or white wine for each guest, tied with a small lovely ribbon engraved with the date and the couple's names.
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My best friend's wedding gifts were little white bottles that contained bubbles. You blew the bubbles as the bride and groom left the reception (instead of throwing rice). The bottles were decorated with little white butterflies on the top. Very cute and useful.
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A friend is getting married in May, and for favors she bought Valentine's Day-themed Hershey Kisses and Hugs. The wrappers are red and silver (the colors of the wedding), and the paper labels have romantic sayings on them. It was a bit expensive, but a co-worker's father handles bulk groceries and was able to order her a case of each at a lower cost.
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I generally don't like knick-knacks, so we opted to go with something edible. (Though getting candles is nice. ) We got flavored fortune cookies from Fancy Fortune Cookies. They were DELICIOUS! You can customize the messages inside the cookies too. People were so suprised! I don't think there were any left on the tables at the reception.
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Originally Posted by Oz'sMum
I want to do something different than sugared almonds, (who likes them anyway?)

ROFL....but I love fresh Jordan Almonds (stale ones are the worst but fresh... ) and yup, I had these as part of my favors. I look forward to seeing the ideas folks share with you!
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A really good idea is petite mints. You can get them at your local arts and crafts store in the wedding aisle. They are multi-colored, pink, yellow, green, or they have wedding colored ones, and they have the nonparel sprinkles on them. They look really cute in mesh bags, tied with the ribbon colors, and they are delicious. I know that I can get them here in Virginia at the Hallmark store, or the novelty candy store. Look into it. My ladies loved them!!! And I eat them too.
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How about gummy sweeties instead? Sugared ones look better too but they do make a mess! Pear drops or boiled sweets are different, still edible, don't melt and probably look prettier than almonds! I liek the fortune cookies idea. At the last couple of weddings I was at (both cousins, incidentally) there were no favours - we just took home the personalised placenames instead! it works just as well and costs soooo much less
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I got married in September and we had sugared almonds for our favours as we love them and they smell lovely! Do you get candy called love hearts in the U.S? Well we had miniture packs of those that had "just married" printed on them. We bought them on Ebay. We had wedding cake bubbles too and some casino chips cos we got married in Vegas!

Here's a link to the love hearts they sell on ebay, if your interested:-
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We are doing m and m's in her wedding colors (silver and burgundy) inside satin drawsting bags (some silver, some burgundy)
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we did jordan Almonds, but I'm Turkish, so :roll eyes: Also, We put them in burgundy and ivory oganza sachets. ours were tinted in cranberry red and bone colors to match the rest of our wedding. Also.. Have you thought of the nonpareil gummies? what are the wedding colors?
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we wanted to do something different and something the reflected the people we are. We also call them bonbonieres and everyone gets one - but I assume this is the same thing.

Since Chris is in the music industry we decided to give everyone plectrum's in silver boxes which I designed and we had printed up.
On one side is a silhouette of us and the other side is our names and the date we got married.

Everyone loved them as they were so different and unique.

I think its a good idea to do something that reflects the people getting married...
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Bubbles are a bad idea. If a bubble pops on your daughters dress it will leave a bubble mark. And it will not come out, even at the dry cleaners. I did the typical bird seed..... As for favors. Go to Right now they have lotions and soaps and such. Or just go to wal-mart and buy calgon gift packs.
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