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Sniper Kitty

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Someone must have made this one.. wasn't me though:

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A friend had that one as his screensaver for a while.
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I've seen that one, it's cute!
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Have you seen the one with the icypole?? lol!
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Someone sent that to me in an email with the heading "Wal-Mart's new next-door neighbor". If you heard about the story of what happened in the area where i live, at one of our Wal-Mart's, you would understand. If not, I'll tell ya. Some stupid boys found a cat in their storage room or some kind of room and shot it with a pellet gun or something like that, injuring it. Well, they didn't even try to call animal control or anything like that, they just decided to torture it. Apparently the cat wasn't even feral or anything like that, so it probably wasn't even mean to the boys.

The boys left it there INJURED overnight, and then killed it the next day. i was SOOOO pissed! I wanted to hurt those boys!
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I think the kitten is really cute but the picture I don't really like
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SO interesting what people will do with photoshop. lol
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