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Dog and cat question

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I know that putting vanilla extract on two cats noses on there first meeting, help them deal a little better.....because they smell similar......
does this method work with dogs and cats as well???........
and if not are there any suggestions you guys could give me........

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It's not a cut and dried process unfortunately. There are many variables. How old the dog is, how old the cat is. Is the dog obedience trained. What type of equipment you have on hand to work with, cages, choke collars, harnesses etc... Breed of the dog is a big factor as well-
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Ummm ok...well the dog is about 9 years old female very frisky...shes a complete mutt we have not been able to decern her breed...the cat is about a year old...also a mutt....and male
The dog has been to obidience school....but has a mind of her own, and there is no equipment available from what i know

Here is the picture of the dog
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Well she has a sporting dog look to her, which means that she is a hunter. Cats are after all prey. You don't have a kitten, which is good, kittens sometimes aren't smart enough to know how to outwit a dog. I would buy a choke collar first off. I hate what they call them, but they are good for control. I would be sure to take the dog for a 35 minute walk at least before the meeting, go somewhere safe and put her through her commands (have treats with you) Play ball with her, then bring her home.

Put her on a stay and down command. Have the choke chain and lead on, and someone holding the other end. Go and get the cat, bring it into the room NOT up to the dog. The minute the cat sees the dog, the person who is holding the cat is going to get scratched or bit, so be very careful. Carry the kitty correctly, but scruff the neck lightly. Put the cat on the floor FAR away from the dog, step back and be very quiet. Keep the dog quiet, no whining, no getting up.

Then it varies, some cats spit and hiss, and take off. Others just walk over and attack the dog, some walk near the dog checking it out. You CANNOT control your cat, your focus should be on controlling the dog. Have her stay as quiet as possible, keep your voices low, your emotions down. Don't get all excited, this can work out. I use a big cage when I introduce my shepherd to another cat. It's a process developed over time and it works. The other day we had an insurance man here. Our dog was behind the screened room of our front hallway (the insurance man dislikes big dogs) Prowler, our latest rescued kitty was running around the table we were trying to do business on, being the pill that kitties can be. I scooped up Prowler, opened the screened door, and placed her beside Kenai. The insurance man was amazed this german shepherd didn't eat this kitten for lunch! LOL

It can be done, but again, you have to have the respect of your dog, your dog has to be obedience trained, and long walks help because it allows the dog to work off excess energy that would normally go into hurting the cat- whether intentionally or unintentionally- The key to this is controlling the dog. The cat (unless declawed or a small kitten) can take care of himself.

One more thing, if on your "walk" you dog does not stay calm and at the heeled position or pulls you along the sidewalk, I would put her back into a refresher course of obedience with other dogs before the introduction to the cat.

Good luck
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Thank you hissy I will let my parents know
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I think I'll be trying that out with Jake and the cats too. Jake has strong herding instincts, but if I stay calm, he acts like the cats are nothing. But if I pay attention to them, he immediately is on the alert and will stare them down. And if they hurt him, he doesn't react. He's had a few times where his nose is gushing blood, and he still wants to run after them.
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If he is a herd dog they respond by owner's looks whistles and gestures as well as by natural instincts. You stay calm and keep him on lead, it is likely things will go well. I know I show this picture a lot, but it shows that dogs and cats can get along-

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Mabby spent her first 3 months in the company of a dog.....shes a brave kit...shed steal his food and such....and the poor dog was at a loss
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now to the other question....will that vanilla extract trick work in a situation like this...or should i not bother
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No because in this case you want them to get used to each other's scent. I would do the blanket trick. Take an old blanket, give it to the cat, feed her on it, sprinkle it with catnip, play with her on it, rub her with it, get her scent all over it, then give it to the dog, back to the cat, to the dog, to the cat, to the dog, mix those two scents prior to the first initial intro
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oooo now thats a good idea...thanx MA
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