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Desperate Need Of Help For Vomiting Cat

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Someone please help. I took my cat to the vet 2 days ago($100), because he was vomiting. He is 9months old and never been outside or around any other cats. He vomits 2-3 times daily.He has never done this before. The vet did a blood test and said everything was negative and told us to give him some pepcid. The cat is still vomiting a couple hours after he drinks or eats(he just started drinking again and eating a little. He has no fever, and my wife has been miserable because of it. Any suggestions are welcomed. Please help!

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One of the first thing that comes to mind is a intolerance to the food you are feeding. You might want to slowly switch to another food and see if it helps at all. If not, I would maybe talk to the vet about a possible inflammatory bowel disease. I think it is Science Diet that makes a sensative stomach formula.
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He has been eating the same food w/ no problems up until 4 days ago. Where he became lathargic and not very social. I can't tell if he is getting better or not. He is at least drinking water again. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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I was just going to say the same and Sandy. I do suggest to get him to eat a little, try this. Go get some baby ceral (Gerber's brand and either rice or mixed) and mix it with some baby chicken or turkey jar baby food with a little nutracal (get that at the pet store) and make it mush and see if it helps. This is just to get him to eat. You can also add some A/D can food and that you can get at the vet. Try small amounts a few times a day to see if he gets stronger. Keep us posted.

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Cats can develop a food allergy or sensitivity at any time without rhyme or reason. Their body once exposed to whatever ingredient over time can trigger certain reactions.
However, that is just the most common reson for chronic vomiting. The inflammatory bowel can be cause by several things, one being the intolerance to food. There may also be a blockage in the intestines or digestive tract. You said they did tests, which ones did they do?
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I took my cat the the ER yesterday and i was told it might be FIP. Vet said that his protein count was little high and that his eyes were slightly yellow. I brought him home yesterday and he vomited clear fluids and followed up w/ a little bit of blood. He later on in that evening ate a little bit on his own. The vet gave hime camel hump some antibodies and told me to go have him tested at my family vet. I am going to test him today for the third vet visit in 4 days. I am very sad and hope it is not FIP, if it is should i put him to sleep? Is it painful for them? Does he have the possiblity of surviving?

Thursday October 25th: Vet does blood work and states his liver and kidney look fine. White blood count a little low. Give him some pepcid.

Sunday October 28th: ER Vet states may have FIP , Eys look a little yellow, cat is dehydrated and still not eating or drinking. Still vomiting. Vet injects cat w/ antibodies and fluids tells me to take him to get an Fip exam.
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Has he been tested for pancreatitis?
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I don't think so then again i really don't know. I know the first time i took him in they drew blood and tested for 7 different things. I just got back from the Vet and he noticed his skin is turning yellow. They withdrew blood again and i should know about the FIP in 5 days in the meantime i have Antibiotics to give him.

-Desperate and Sad
I'm going to miss him if he dies.
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I am so sorry. It is so difficult and frustrating when we can't "fix" and supply their every need. My prayers are with you.

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The hardest part is going to be telling my wife
Thank you all for being helpful.

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There certainly isn't any easy way to do that. I assume she is aware of the possible diagnosis/prognosis? Even approaching it from the standpoint of suffering on the kitty's part doesn't make the loss and the "missing" any less. She is very blessed to have such a supportive and sensitive husband. Your being there for her will be a tremendous help. We are all here for you both. This site is a wonderful support for all kitty lovers. Please keep us posted.
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I will let you guys know when i get the results. Thanks again
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I really hope he is okay. Just remember that the FIP test is not 100% for sure. If he tests positive, it just means he has been exposed to the virus. FIP may not even be the cause of the liver damage. Cats who get FIP can live for years, but the prognosis is not good. Here is a thread that may give you a little help.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&highlight=FIP
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The cat is eating again on his own. He seems to have more strength. He has diareha now but is not vomiting? We had to lock him up in the bathroom while at work. He seems better but i'm still unsure? Any adivce on the diareha?
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Well everyone my cat is recovering, FIP came back negative. He seems to be getting better slowly. He is eating, playing, purring, and cleaning himself again. He is still a little lathargic.
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I'm so glad your kitty is doing better.

Antibiotics can give cats the runs. Try giving him some yogurt with active cultures. This often helps stopping antibiotic-induced runs.
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