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Simone was a shelter cat I rescued for a mouser. She did not like my dogs or my cats and would not come out of my garage for 3 months but she did get rid of my mice. She settled in and considered us or me family. Unfortunately she was attached by a dog we were "dog sitting". She had major surgery that saved her life. Then we up and moved her from WA State to FL by plane. She started having problems there. I have brought her back to "life" twice by force feeding her. She started her bad behavior in FL and has since continued. (1997)

She has a bad habit of spraying on the air conditioner vent on the wall, yes about 12 inches high. She can find other places too but this seems to be her favorite. I have done everything (almost) to help her. We've been to the doctor over and over. They usually treat her with antibiotics for blood in her urine. But I have a theory that she holds it once I drop her off and then does not urinate until she has gotten herself in this condition. It usually takes a few days to get the urine from her.

You name it and I have tried it. I clean after her, give her the run of the house. We still have two other cats and one dog not to mention three children. She backs them done (the animals). She loves the kids. Sleeps with them and play attacks them. She dislikes almost all strangers. She gets worse when I leave her for a weekend or longer. I seldom do it but have the urine spots to remind me she does not like it.

I do not know what to do with her. Any suggestions? I am sorry this is long but thought a little history would help. I honestly think it is behavioral vs. physical. Berley
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Hi Berely and welcome!

Sounds like Simone has been through quite a lot. Have you read the article about spraying? Maybe you can find some help in there?

Also, I didn't quite understand - does she actually stop spraying when she's treated for the urinary tract infections?

By the way, I moved the thread to the behavior forum, so that more people can see it and respond.
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yes, I did read the article on spraying before I posted this one. Yes, she does seem to do better for a while after treatment but again I wonder if it is a behavioral problem again. She is so glad to be home she does much better until something upsets her routine again, i.e. visitors or my absence. I am going to board her this weekend and have her checked again. We are just at a point where she is damaging the house (and it is less than 3 yrs. old and we will have to sell within the next 2 yrs.) My parents have 30 acres and I have considered taking her there. Again thought I wonder what my absence will do to her. I feel such guilt at giving up on her. Berley
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I wonder if your vet has considered keeping your cat on a low dose maintenance antibiotic therapy? I know giving medicine everyday is a bit of a pain but, if it kept your cat from losing her happy home, maybe it would be worth it.I have also had cats on hormone therapy to stop spraying. Some times it helps and sometimes it doesn't.

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It sounds like a bit of both to me. She gets upset, holds it too much and then has a medical problem. The air conditioner would have to be spraying though. I cant imagine urinating that high. The only thing I can come up with is to treat with antibiotics when you know a situation is coming. The vet may have some good suggestions on that. With the air conditioner may have a foreign smell to her. With the spraying, you might try using the feliway spray or put a small scratching post there. They tend to mark with their paws when given the chance.
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I'll mention these to my vet this weekend. I have tried the feliway and it might have worked initially. There is almost nothing I have not tried. Simone does have metal staples located almost directly on her bladder. Without ultrasound the vet cannot tell exactly where they are located and can only wonder if they cause a problem. (Small town and small vet clinic) I have not asked if surgery to replace the staples is an option. I hate to put her through that if it is not necessary and of course I need to keep the cost down if possible.
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