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How far can you get?

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OK a tricky car puzzle game, get the dragster out of the parking lot.

Car game

Let me know what level you got to. I got ot level 14. I was stumped, lol.
Also what do you think of it?

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I only got to level 6 before I got too frustrated to continue. hehe
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Ha ha, same here!
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I won, dunno how I did it, I'm usually pretty bad at these games
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level 6 was my breaking point too...
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that took like 10 minutes of my life I can never get back!!!

yeah, put me down for level 6. but I am going back to that tonight when I am not at work!!
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I finished it, yay.
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I got to level 12 on the first try. But I'll be back and I will beat it, I will
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Well I tried it again and that time I got to level 7. I just don't think I have the patience for a game like that.
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level 9 before i got frustrated
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OK, I was just going to look at a few things before heading to the dojo for karate, when I started the car puzzle. I got up to 14 when I realized that if I didn't stop NOW I would be late for class!! Aaaugh!! So I left the game up the whole time I was gone, and just solved 15. Winner! Yay!
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I will be doing it again. It killed me. Had to redo it 3 times. Well keep up the work guys.

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