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Our new cat

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It's been a while since I've posted to this forum, but just got a new cat. Actually the cat found my husband. Now normally we have a lot of strays running around our apartment complex because people don't want to pay to keep a pet indoors. Well this one particular stray followed my husband home from work. Josh ignored him and went inside, but the little guy started scratching at the door. So Josh threw some food out for him and when he was finished with it, he scratched again at the door. I was at work at this time, but Josh felt sorry for the little guy because it was like 19 degrees outside so he brought him in and put him in our bathroom. When I got home from work I met the little guy and we took a picture of him with our digital camera and made a flyer to post around the complex and at local shelters. Two weeks went by and I couldn't bare keeping him separated from my other cat, Frodo, so I took him to the vet to get checked out and finally introduced Frodo to our new cat Sam. Yesturday on Valentines day we got Sam nutuerd and now he is apart of our family...and Frodo is enjoying having another cat to play with.
Here's our Sam:
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he is adorable! i love his markings! cant wait to see more pictures!
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Your cat is beautiful! I think I have his twin sister! Except she is a little more hefty, not fat, just big and muscular I guess.
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Very cute! What a nice way to meet a new kitty.
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He is a very handsome little man! Are his eyes blue or is that just the angle of the picture?

Best of luck,

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Yes, his eyes are blue. He's an angel!
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