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New Rene Announcement

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I have permission to beat her to it. Rene called me today to tell me that she took the new babies to the vet for their 4 week old check up (I do the same thing) and she found out that the testicle fairy has come. We thought it was 2 boys but as of this afternoon, it's one girl and one boy. The boy is the one her daughter is getting and the girl (whose name will be Vogue, in memoray of her first aby) is the show baby that Rene will become a judge with. Anyway, we are both very happy.

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Uh, the vet didn't say anything. Tonight when Ken and I were over, Ken had the sense to look and tell Rene that her boy was a girl. Of course that was after I picked them up and told her the one looked like a boy for sure and the other didn't
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Thanks for the correction Sandie but I thought Rene said her vet told her. I guess the excitment was too much. Hope you guys had fun last night. Waiting for pictures and details.

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Waiting for more pics

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Ya know...after reading this post, I scooped up Rudy and Louie, my 2 boys...I think...and took another look just to be sure! :LOL: Yep...Boys.

It's so nice to know that even you "experts" can make mistakes!
That is so funny! Sure isnt like human babies, all cut and dried! (no joke intended there)

4 weeks...what a great age, just starting to venture and explore!
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Ha ah ha ha ha ha...Cleo you crack me up!! cut and dried.....ha ha ha ha ha....sorry, I'll go breathe now...ha ha ha ha :laughing:
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HAHAHA!!! That reminds me of the story a friend of mine from work told me about how she took her "male" cat to the vet to be neutered, and she herself had never checked, because when her teenage daughter found the kitten, she told her mom it was a male, and my friend just assumed she knew what she was talking about....so when she went to pick the cat up, she said, I'm here to pick up my cat that was neutered" and the vets wife....(who is a sweetheart) said, "We don't have any cats here that have been neutered" and my friend said, "Well yes you do, I brought him in day before yesterday" and the vets wife says, "Well, we do have one that has been SPAYED!!" and then proceeded to tell her the cat was a female. My friend said she was so embarrassed! They now have a female cat named Skippy. But I told her to look on the bright side, at least her name wasn't Fred!! :LOL:
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I have been off this site for a long time and it is nice to have a few minutes to catch up - it was Ken and my vet who told me Vogue was Vogue - so now I am doubly sure. It is hard to tell when they are this young - that testicle fairy keeps coming back and forth for awhile!
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