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Curbside Carry-Out To Go at Restaurants

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I've never even really wanted to try these. Part of what I like about going to decent restaurants is being waited on, not having to clear the table, get up 50 times to get that one thing I forgot in the kitchen...

But we did it last night for Valentine's Day. We were planning on going to Red Lobster, but decided against it when it was a 2 hour wait before 6:00! Guess we should have figured on V-Day, but it's worked for us before! Went past Outback Steakhouse and there were more people waiting there than at Red Lobster. So we sadly went home because neither of us wanted to wait until after 8:00 to eat. On the way home we decided to try Outback's to go thing. I am so impressed! I called in the order and asked how long it would be, figuring it would still be an hour because it's so busy. 1/2 hour later we were driving home with our wonderful food, in I swear larger portions than we would have gotten at the restaurant (we're having V-Day Dinner part II tonight ). The lady said their wait time was up to 3 hours at that point, and that was at 6:45.

I guess we're going to have to think about doing that again. It was very convenient, especially for a day that had wait times like yesterday!
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We went to Texas Roadhouse saturday night for our Valentine's dinner.
They were very busy, as I figured they would be.
They have call ahead seating and when I called they said it would be a 75 minute wait. We waited a little over an hour to go and only waited about 15 minutes max. for our table.
Btw, I got a dozen yellow roses and of course the nice dinner.
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Actually the curbside to go is perfect for us because I don't like to cook and he doesn't like to go out. We do it with Pat and Oscar's because they're always so busy. And with the baby now it makes it even easier.
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