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Been a while

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Well I haven't been on here for a while. I've been having a hard time finding the right job for me. I went to an interview for a small airline yesterday, but it isn't the right job for me. Extremely low pay and you are expected to do everything except fly the plane. Tomorrow I have another interview with a bank for the call center. It seems no one wants to interview me because I have no work experience. It makes me feel like I am so illiterate and stupid. I know how to answer a phone, it isn't that hard, I know how to work a computer, I know how to make copies, fax, collate etc. Anyways, we are running out of money and neither of us can seem to get a real job.

I missed everyone, all the babies are fine and dandy.
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I know the feeling hun... I lost my job today after well a day... it's so stupid really but I chose this job because I wasnt able to find anything in my field in the first place and now that this fell thru I feel even more stupid... I have a BBA in Computers and I still cant find a job...I've been searching for a job as an Administrative Assistant and it's hard when you dont have work experience... even when you fake it... That's what I've done... my resume is all bull****... it at least gets me in the door... then it's up to me to get myself the job... well that hasnt worked yet...

Keep your head up tho sweetie!! You'll find something... and hopefully so will I
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