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Crash passed away today

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I just got a call from my vet and he toldCrash passed away just now. He was due to have surgery to corect a bone after it healed wronge from the last surgery. He said Crash's body couldnt take the stress and his heart stopped. They tried for the longest but couldnt revive his heart. IM still crying, That poor kitten.

The vet was kind enough to charge me nothing on the fact that Crash wasnt mine in the the beginning. I think he fell in love with Crash.

Rest In Peice my dear Crash
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Oh Kendal,

It is part of the heartbreak of helping so many cats that people have cast aside. I know you will mourn for Crash, but please remember the ones alive today because of your efforts and your assistance-

I bet Crash has met the Bridge Colony by now and is having a wonderful time on legs that no longer ache-
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I'm so sorry to hear about Crash

I said a little prayer for you...
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Poor little Crash. At least he knew that he was loved by you and his vet. A little love can go a really long way. May he rest in peace.
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Oh, poor little Crash. I remember the sweet picture you posted in another thread, and I'm so sorry to hear this news!

You and your vet certainly did all you could for this poor baby, and I'm sure he would thank you if he could. I'm sure all of the other kitties you have rescued would as well.

You, your vet, and Crash are in my thoughts & prayers.
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I'm so sorry about sweet Crash. May he rest in peace.
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How sad, I'm sorry to hear about thoughts and prayers are with you.
RIP Crash
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Poor Crash! I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Dev & Crew
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My deep condolences for Crash, RIP sweet little one...
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Rest in peace in the land of kitties, where joy is there and pain free.
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How sad. I am very sorry for your loss. RIP Crash
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That is so sad. Dear little Crash - my thoughts are with you all at this sad time
Take care
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sorry for your loss
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Dear little Crash, with so much love lifting you up, you must surely have reached Heaven with record-setting speed! Your mewommy Kendall is truly an amazing cat's-angel; she does so incredibly much for so many, yet has the great love to grieve for you. Truly, she inspired the vet & staff; that they didn't charge speaks volumes of the high regard for Kendall's caring soul and for your kitty-courage through unspeakable challenges. Bless you both!!! susan
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I am so sorry to hear about Crash!
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