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LOL. Good Night's Sleep??

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We've only had Orion for about 3 weeks, and I know he's just a playful kitty, but sometimes my patience is so tried with him.

He will usually lay down with me around 8or 9pm, and go to sleep on my pillow. But routinely, in the middle of the night, he's up for an hour or more, playing Psycho Kitty. He pounces on my head, attacks my hands/elbows/ anything else. He's even gone after my husband's unmentionables after sneaking under the covers! Yelling only grants us about 5 free minutes, and the same goes for distracting him with a toy.

I try covering my head and ignoring it, but that seems pretty futile, and most of the time he just gets his paws in the crack under the covers i leave for air, and tries to get at me.

It all seems very playful, and not mean at all.

Last night was the worst ever, and I got a water bottle and started spraying him. He'd run away looking pretty scared, but then picked a fight with the water bottle after I set it down!

If it were just my feet under the covers, or my ponytail (which are sometimes targets), I think I'd not care. I am disturbed by him eyeing me up, and charging my head though. One night he got my lip clawed up pretty good.

My hubby has swatted his butt before, but I don't like that at all. I'd like to find a way to stop this without having to do anything drastic. He does like to sleep with me, and I love his cuddles. I'd hate to lock him up at night, and from prior experience when we first got him, and kept him in 'kitty jail' for the first two nights, this would only cause MORE sleeplessness.

Sometimes he just goes so ape crazy, I figure it must be the wild in him(he was captured 3 weeks ago from a feral litter, but otherwise has adjusted SO well).

Please give me some advice. I adore him, and have found myself near losing my temper, especially last night, which is something I do not want to do.

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Kittens will be kittens and there is not too much getting around that. Cats are nocturnal by nature. He will settle down into your routine in time - all 7 of mine have done well..after some time!
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We have had really good luck with training the babies not to use us as toys at night. Of course, it helps that they always have another cat to play with. When we had night owls playing footsies with us, we would either clap really loud (they don't like loud noises) and say no. After a few times, all we had to do is say no and they would jump down. Maybe try and find a sound he does not like very much.
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We just adopted Danielle, who's age is in dispute. But she is an adult cat.

Spraying her with the water has worked wonders, along with a firm "NO".

Perhaps when your kitty is not a kitten anymore, she will be more receptive to training.
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Ah yes the Nocturnal Darts.
Our Roxane was a bit of a wild child, I am afraid she still is, however with her it was easy she just wanted room to rumble , we now leave the bedroom door open so she can run through the rest of the house.
But I also think it helps if you have more then just 1 kitty in the house , so they have someone to play with.
Don't get me wrong we still have a few sleepless nights , but not near as bad as it was.
The house looks like a bomb has hit it the next morning, with every cupboard door open and at times curtains down.
But things are improving, as she is getting older,I can tell you one thing you will get used to it , even the thunderous galloping up and down the hallway just before they race accross your body or pounce on you.

If all else fails perhaps (shudder at the thought of it ) Orion can spend a night in another room , but then you will spend all night worrying about him.

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Well, the last two nights, Orion's nite time activities have been pretty bearable. Last night, he pounced me a couple times, and I tried to ignore him, as well as one can ignore a big eyed kitty face two centimeters from one's nose.

The night before that, he decided he was going to be a lovey boy, and mostly just wanted cuddles. He even put his head in my armpit to go to sleep (hey, i warned him of the dangers..hmm, maybe that's why he was so sedate. heh)

So, maybe he is just adjusting to our routine.

As for the sleeping in the other room suggestion, <gasp!> and be without my warm kitty head warmer at night?? Anyways, our upstairs is all open, and he can't go downstairs at night, as there are too many things for him to get into trouble with unsupervised. Plus, like you said..I'd get even less sleep worrying about him.

Thanks for all the help guys and gals..things seem to be getting better.

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