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Soft brag

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I entered a writing competition awhile back and was notified I placed second. I was happy because I was up against some pretty stiff competition of a technical nature-
Here's the link if you want to read the article-

Being a Moderator

My prize is an amazon gift certificate- goodie more books!Also thanks to Heidi, my wonderful editor!
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Yay! Way to go! And fantastic prize - I'm sure you'll have fun with that! Yay Heidi, also!
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Great article, MA !
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How wonderful MA!!!! Congrats!!
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Fantastic article, MA! Congratulations!
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Wow, Congratulations, MA!! That is a great article!!!
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Congratulations !!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful thing to happen to a wonderful person.
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Congratulations! And a nice prize indeed!
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Way to go!!! Nice article, very deserving of an award!
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Very well written, I found it very interesting to read.
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Good for you MA. Hope you find some books that you really like. Kudos :-)
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Congratulations, MA!
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Awww congrats MA!
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Hey thats great Congrats!! *high five*
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i think this was posted here on tcs before wasnt it?
or was it on one of your websites??
I congratulate you on your winning!

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I really enjoyed reading your article. It gave me some insight into how The Cat Site is run. There's nothing like peer recognition is there?
You go, girl!
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Congratulations MA!
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