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Soft Paws

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I never knew how yucky and sad declawing is, having never had a pet. Everyone I knew just automatically had it done, and most vet places around here just assume you'll have it done when you 'fix' your cat.

I'm glad Orion isn't old enough yet, or I would have never seen this.

He doesn't have much of a problem with scratching furniture yet, but he sure likes to scratch us, and I'm not real thrilled with the pain, or the lovely scratch marks all over him. Not about to stop wrestling with him either, though! He has too much fun to make it a no-no.

Anyway, I saw the web page for soft paws, and i'm wondering if any has used them, and how they feel about them. I think Orion would look super slick in some blue or purple ones to match his collar and tag.

How easy are they to put on? Orion is a wiggly little guy, but seems to tolerate me well enough when I give him medicine or try to put his harness on, and stuff.

Any testimonials here?

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Give this thread a try
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We just got Softpaws on Gus, our kitten. We pu them on Tuesday.

Gus is a stinker, so we've been clipping his nails regularly when he goes down for a rest in the afternoon. Is your kitten used to regular clippings? You have to clip his nails to put the Softpaws on. I recommend Miller's Forge nail trimmers with safety bar. WHen you clip your cat's nails be sure not to clip too much as they will bleed and I imagine it is painful for the cat. You can usually see where the "quick" is inside a cat's nails.

Putting the Softpaws on was fairly easy. I had my sister hold him while I applied them. We also held him for five minutes after applying the last one (to be sure the glue was dry), and watched him for a few miutes after letting him down. Gus seemed to be fairly depressed for a day after we put them on, and he was always trying to chew them off, but he has since gotten used to them. He lost one during his overnight stay at the vet's after getting neutered.

A bit of advice: I got Kitten size for Gus according to the sizing chart, but when they arrived, they were too small. I compared the Softpaws themselves to two sizing charts (One in a Drs. Foster and Smith catalog, the other on the Softpaws brocure) and the Softpaws themselves were smaller than the picture. Gus' claw fit perfectly inside the black area of the "kitten" on the sizing chart. So I'd recommend going one size larger than what you measure on the sizing chart.

They are really a great product and have the whole family's mark of approval.
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We clip Danielle's nails... She can't scratch anything.

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I didn't have great luck with soft paws. After a day, at least one would be off, and he was not a chewer. There was usually one left at the end of 3-4 weeks. I took Jacob to the vet to have his put on, so the contant running and expense was not worth it to me. If you do them yourself, I suppose it would not be near as inconvenient. Good luck.
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