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How do we refer to Anne?

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Not every thread can be deep and meaningful.

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Hahahahahaha!!! Some of the choices were kind of interesting!
The one I choose was webmistress!
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Thank you for your input! The winning title will be announced at a news conference in Geneva on Halloween eve.

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Joe; Web etiquette dictates that a person of female gender who starts a Web Site or an NG (News Group) shall be referred to as The WebMistress. . . .
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Er...'Yer Royal Web Minister?'

Really,there must be some reason for her 'post name'.I may be getting senile and grey (heh),but maybe she prefers simply 'Anne' and wants her 'family' to know her thus ?

Heh,what's so funny...on another forum (or several) I heard the word 'GOD' and 'DESPOT' spoken with humor and not just a little seriousness,referring to the 'proprietor'.


Anne runs a lovely place to gather !I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be here.
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Serious people are welcome here, too!


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I voted for WebWonder...because it is a wonder how she keeps such a wonderful site going, all by herself, although we try to help her, it is really her that keeps this site going.

But technically, the name I think we should refer to her as is,...

"The most exhalerated (sp?), admired, intelligent, patient, kind, sweet, loveable, hardworking, gotta luv her, Queen Bee of the Catsite!!!!"

*Bows before the Queen*

There are no names or titles that are quite befitting our Anne....she is simply THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it weren't for her....none of us would have met, or became friends, or found out so much information and support about our cats.

Great poll Joe!!!!!!!!
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I think that Webmistress is great
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Good thread!

I submitted my vote - although it sounds a little 'evil'
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Debby; You "crack me up!!!!!!!!!!" Be thankful that your job is not Toastmistress or the person who introduces speakers at a session of Congress; we would never get any lawmaking done. . . . . You would take all the alloted time with your "Polite (descriptive) Introductory Titles". Joe, I think, after all is said and done; I shall just call her Anne.
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I tried to be politically correct and voted for Web Person. I really think she should be called Cat Site Owner. Isn't that original? This is one of the best message boards I have seen.
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I like the sound of Webby Anne.


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I was waiting for someone to suggest - webwonderwoman .

Seriously though, webmistress sounds right.

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I like "webwonderwoman"! And, hey, this isn't supposed to be a serious thread. (It's just turning out that way.)

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I think Webby Anne sounds like a name for a pet duck! WebWonderWoman on the other hand has a lot of possibilities. . . .
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My favorite title is "Her Webness." That way, I can address Anne as "Your Webness." Now, the "web" thing can bring to mind our feathered friends the ducks; but it can also conjure up images of our spidery friends and their lovely, um, webs. Silly me, when I wrote "Webby" I was thinking more of a "world-wide web" image! Now I can't get the web-footed image out of my mind.

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Anne - queen of the cats?
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"Queen of Cats" is good, as long as it's all right with the cats!


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I think Webwonder is really appropriate 'cause it's a wonder how she did all this stuff! :LOL: Anne, if you're reading this, I belong to a bodybuilding site (I don't like it that much, they're crude) and I think they copied ya!!!! I mean everything! COPYCATS THEY ARE!
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Will it be warm on Halloween where you are? Be sure to take along a really big bag to hold all the treats!

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Mr. C.......I can't speak for the rest of the cat kingdom - but my small cat tribe said it ws OK
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If it's all right with your local cat tribe, then it's all right across the board!


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Whoever is talented in sewing - and that lets me out - should make Anne a kitty mask, complete with whiskers, ears , etc..and OOOH a great big fluffy tail to swish around. And claws, let's not forget the claws!

Mmmmmn - I think I am describing cat woman - JOE? any pics to meet the need?
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Catwoman combating the evils of the world!!! You go catwoman!!

She's my hero/heroine! Both? :laughing2
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I'm really warming up to this "cat woman" idea!

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Remember the Might Mouse Cartoon show and the song???????

Think of this one......

.......here she comes to save the day..might cat woman's on the way.........
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I loved MIGHTY MOUSE!! I Loved Mighty Mouse more than Mickey! :laughing2:

By the way Deb, did ya check her claws out! ...those oughta do the trick...I think you could pick a lock with those things!
Have a good week you guys

Love & Hugs,

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Oooooo yes!!! Mighty Mouse and his cool sidekick, Penfold!!! ha ha ha ha I used to LOVE that Cartoon!! I even called one of my guina-pigs Penfold........ ahem....sorry, back the subject....I suggest....uh....the..um...wonder.....webby...eh, Ok , I have nothing....
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How about her webness - the cat's meow?
Seems fitting to me & I haven't been here long.
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