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Switching kittens to adult food

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Hi! I'm sure this question must have been asked before... My boys are now 9 months. They still eat kitten food (Nutro Natural). They weigh 13.5 lbs each! I know, monsters! They aren't fat, they are just big cats (though some people think they have a slighly pooch). They run around outside and get plenty of exercise. They are active cats.

My question is whether to wait the full 12 months before switching them to adult food or just go ahead now. I know they don't need to gain weight, but I don't want to mess up other parts of their development. I called the vet and the receptionist (after speaking to a tech, I believe) told me to give them adult food. But they never saw the cats or anything.

What do you guys think? Wait? Or is it time?
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You can go ahead and switch them to adult food, especially since they are so big. Do it slowly though, mix a little of the adult food with the kitten food and each day increase it more, do this for about 3-4 days that way you won't shock their tummy's and give them diarrhea.
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CJ and Billy are 9 months old, and they have had adult food for about 1 1/2 months, now. We didn't have to slowly introduce it, (it didn't give them the runs) though I would do what she said.

Good luck with your furbabies!
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According to three vets I have talked to kittens can leave kitten food at 6 months since there body systems are developed by then
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I don't think there would be a problem in switching...are you going to stay with the same brand, just go to an adult version? If so, I'd not be too worried about he change causing any intestinal issues
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Sophie was that age when she preferred eating Rosies adult kibbles to her kitten ones.

To finish off the bag i would mix some adult ones in with the kitten kibbles.
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Thanks everyone! I began switching them over (same brand, just adult version) and they seem to really like the new food It's going to take a while to completely switch them, however, since I have a lot of kitten food left-- so I am just going keep mixing it for a while.
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