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We'll miss you, Rasha

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This afternoon my mom came in the house crying and told me that Rasha had finally stopped drinking last night. He's been battling kidney failure for the last 3 years and stopped eating about a week ago. We had high hopes that he would bounce back with some TLC, but never did. With his weightloss, we started noticing he was bloated. Later on, we found out that it was conjestive heart failure that killed him in the end. Last night was the last straw, he stopped drinking as well. Mom made the decision at work this morning and I drove her to the vet at 12:30 this afternoon with Rasha quietly in hand.
She held him while he died and says that he went peacefully and quietly. We both know that his beloved mother, Natasha, my wonderful cat who passed on this summer was there to retrieve him from my mothers arms. Rasha died at the age of 18 after having lived a full and loving life and will be missed greatly by all members of our household, but especially my mom who loved him from the minute he was born to the moment he died.
We love you "big red"
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Condolences on your loss! This must be a lonely time for your mother. I thank God that she had the courage and devotion to make the decision to give Rasha his release from suffering, and that, even though it was hard on her, she had the courage and fortitude to hold her cat till the end. He was very fortunate to pass from this life being held and comforted by the one whom he loved and trusted most. And now Natasha has her baby again, and you have 2 wonderful kitties waiting for you on the other side!! I will keep you and your mother in my thoughts & prayers today....Remember to allow yourself to grieve - Rasha was always loved, never forgotten. Take Care, Susan
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I´m so sorry for your loss my deep condolences.... RIP dear Rasha
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My Heart goes out to your family, I know it's a sad day. But think of him now playing and healthy waiting to see you all again
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Please give your mom an extra hug or two. Rasha will never leave you. It'll just take a while to adjust to her not being under-foot. I'm so very sorry.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.
RIP Rasha
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Rasha had a good life with people who loved him very much. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Dev & Crew
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Thank you all for posting, it's so nice to know that so many people understand what we're going through.
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I am so sorry to hear about Rasha. My thoughts are with your family at this sad time. RIP Rasha
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You are all in my thoughts at this sad time. Rasha is now back with his mum and finding new friends. Playing and purring. Your mum gave Rasha a final act of kindness and love.
Take care
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