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Hi! Just wanted to inrtoduce myself.

My name is Spring, and I just became the proud mommy of an about 11 or 12 week old grey kitty, rescued from my very own backyard. (I've posted some of that story in the feral category)

Orion is my very first pet, not counting sea monkeys. He's incerdibly affectionate and playful.

I was never able to understand people who kept pictures of thier cats on their desks, and referred to them as children until I spent my first night taking care of Orion. Now my co-workers run when my sentences start with, "You wanna know what Orion did last night..."

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, and learning lots to take care of my little guy.

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Welcome to the crazy cat woman club!
I hope you will post often here and please enjoy your visits at TCS!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!! It is a wonderful place!! I hope to see you posting often, there are many knowledgeable people here who will be able to answer the questions you will have as a brand new cat owner!!
Welcome also to little Orion!
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A Hearty Hi Ho, HELLO and a Cat Site Welcome to you and Orion! We love New Members and hope to see you posting here often. . . .:
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I am in the warm, basking glow of such a welcome here myself.I just wanted to say 'Good on 'Ya ! OrionsMommy !

Orion has chosen you.
Life is Good.

...and welcome Orion and his mum !


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Spring.....WELCOME! Could you post the story of how you found and became Orion's mommy here for us in the Lounge as well? I would love to hear the story, and since I am kept so busy in the Lounge, I rarely get a chance to venture into the other forums, (which are GREAT by the way) so, could you post the story here for us, too?
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Hi Spring :angel2:

Nice to have you join us! Ditto on what debra myers said! It does get a bit wacky on here...it makes it much more fun

Oh, and it would be very nice to hear how you rescued your baby...thanks for mentioning that Deb!

Love & Peace,
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How wonderful, welcome to our wondeful family Spring and Orion.
Spring your co-workers may run but we will always wanna know what Orion did last night...

Tish + 5
Mishka, Monty, Moofy, Roxane and Bindi
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Wow!! Thanks for the warm, warm welcome. Orion purrs his thanks too!

Here's Orions story:

We found Bast (she's an area stray, actually feral, from a litter left out a year ago, as we've come to find out), and her litter of 5 cuties about a month before I got married. We fed Bast to keep her strong, and bonded a bit with her. We went thru some ups and downs with her moving the litter to an unkown location, and then finding them again in the neighbor's yard.

After my husband and I got back from our honeymoon, those kitties were on the move! We thought we'd lost them, but they had only relocated to another cubby. We had already ordered a nice heated kitty house for moma, and were trying to find homes for the babies. We still have yet to find homes for the other 4, although I've got some good leads recently.

My hubby rigged up a bugs bunny trap. You know box, food, stick on a string. We captured Orion and Kong in the first 5 minutes. Kong made a break for it, and rejoined the outside family, while Orion scratched the bejesus out of hubby, on his way to becoming a housecat.

We kept Orion in a blocked off kitty jail, and I sat in there for hours with him. The scared little guy just huddled in a corner, and tolerated my touching for lack of another option. He very quickly figured out how to climb out, so hubby had to sleep with him all night.

The next night, we tried a new and improved kitty jail (read netted off old playpen) which Orion loathed, and cried in allll night long.

After that, he had done well playing for short periods of time, so he was sprung from the kitty pokey. We never intended to keep him, but there was no place for him to go, and well, he just is so lovey, I couldn't be without him.

He's never had a litter box problem, used it like a good boy from the start. He's brilliant, and can get into, or out of anything. He's even figured out how to open the bi-fold door at the bottom of the stairs. He sleeps on my head, and purrs louder than I've ever heard a cat purr.

We estimate him about 11 weeks or so, and the little guy didn't even have fleas! Just two kind of worms,and I think he's got ear mites.

His favorite game is playing Psycho pouncing Kitty right around 1 am, and second to that Kitty Fishing, with mousey on a stick.

He's a longhair gray, with white face and chest and belly, and tabby stripies in his underside and face in dark grays.

He also puked up his first hairball yesterday, which was a new and exciting experience for both of us! He loves to be brushed constantly, but the boy is just tooooo furry to help it.

So, thanks again for the great warm welcome, and that's my kitty's story, and I'm stickin to it!

Warm Fuzzies,
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Spring; thanks for saring the story He sounds absolutely adorable.
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Spring - that was a wonderful sotry and it makes me feel likeI have met Orion! You might was to try Petromalt for the furballs. You can buy it at any pet supply store. Good luck with your new little love.
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Welcome Spring and Orion!!

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I hope the others will find beautiful homes too. Thanks for giving Orion a home; I'm sure he'll love you and your hubby forever!

Love & Peace,
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