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We (my wife, Betty, and I) bought a small acreage in middle tennessee to have a place to go to in order to "get back to nature", and I was interested in putting in crops to enhance the deer population, and I was advised by the local farm store to put in Buckwheat.

I had seen Buckwheat grow, and when it blooms in the spring, it is full of little white blossoms, and is beautiful, and then in the fall, the grain, a little triangle shaped kernel is eaten by the birds and deer.

I had about ten acres of upland pasture cleared, plowed, and disced, and told the farm store manager what I was doing, and he assured me that I was doing the right thing, that the deer would love the crop, and when they browsed in it, they would eat most of it, but they would knock a lot of the grain to the ground and step on it, and it would come back the next spring, and would be a perennial fixture, needing little or no maintanance.

He sold me the bags of seed, and in the fall, Betty and I and a nephew and another hired hand spent the better part of the day broadcasting the seed over the prepared ground.

I couldn't wait for spring, and was happy as could be as the seed started sprouting, and when it bloomed, it looked like a snowstorm had hit, 10 acres of beautiful white, a sight to behold.

As the blossoms faded and summer wore on, I was watching for the grain to mature and start to open and drop, and when it was obvious that the pods were starting to get ready to open, I couldn't wait, and tore into some of the pods, and there was NOTHING in them ! Flabbergasted, I tore into more of the pods, and it slowly dawned on me that the seed I was sold had been hybrid, and made the plant only, and did not reproduce.

I can understand now more of what drives people when they do something rash, and people say, "wonder why he would do something like that?"

The 10 acres that we had put so much work (and money) into was let go back to bramble and briar, and we never felt the same about the place after that, and we sold it a few years ago, but I will always remember the manager of the farm store and how he did me.

Forgive him ? ? It will be a long time in coming, I think.