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Orions Outside Family

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Hey everyone. I'm so glad to have found a kitty forum. I've recently become proud owner of the cutest little kitty.

Here's the deal on him and the rest of his family.

We first met Bast (as we've named her) about a year ago, as she'd trek thru our yeard. We've since figured she's feral, and suspect she was one of a litter that was left out to die, and managed to mae it on her own. About 3 months ago, we found her litter of 5 adorable kitties in our window well. So, we fed Bast, and looked over the kitties.

We caught little Orion about 4 weeks ago, and estimate him and the rest at about 11 or 12 weeks now, though that's just a guess. He's done very well,and is quite the affectionate little guy.

Problem is, Bast, and the rest are still outside with no homes, although we've asked high and low. The animal shelter places have all said that they would be put down because they are feral if they come and get them, and even if we captured them and brought them in without telling them, they would probably get sick and die if not put down.

So, we are feeding them every day, and even bought a little heated house, as this is Wisconsin and it gets cold here. I am still so worried about them, though, but feel like I don't have any other opetions.

My mother is dreadfully allergic, and we have to limit her time with Orion, and we absolutely cannot bring another cat in the house. They're also pretty wise to our capturing game, and will only come out and eat if the food is very clearly in the open, and not in a box of any sort.

I am fully prepared to keep feeding the family, and thier house is great, but they are getting bigger, and the house is not huge. I'm also no prepared to see any of them freeze to death, or meet thier kitty maker in any one of the forseeable ways I constantly worry about.

What else can I do?
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Feral kittens are a joy to tame. I have worked with two litters and after a while they make GREAT additions to homes. I have three here now with me in my home and others adopted out. My feral mom has 5 babies about 9 weeks old still outside I am working on. The process can take time and definately a committment of time on your part.

Get yourself a feather toy and spend time with them. Before you know it - they will be affectionate and ready for a new home.

The best of luck to you - they are a lucky family to have to to care for them.

I am sure that Hissy and others who have more experience will offer you more advice....they are the experts at this feral kitty game
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Thank you for caring for these helpless kitties. So many would turn their backs on them. When I lived in Alaska, I had a similiar situation so my husband built a really snug cat box for two feral kitties that were hanging around our property. We had a bull terrier staying with us (inside) that hated cats at the time, and I couldn't chance bringing the kittens inside. I insulated the inside of this box with (of all things) egg carton flats, and laid a nice, thick warm floor for them out of old rags. It worked quite well, and as the snow rose, my husband just built a platform for them and a ramp to get into the box. When break-up arrived and the dog went to his original owner, I captured kitties, socialized them and found homes for them. The box was fully contained, except there was a hole for them to get in and out of in the front. It kept them out of the elements and was big enough to feed them. The top lifted on a hinge so I could feed and water easily. That is what worked for me back in the days when money was tight and hard to come by.
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It's so great of you to take care of Orion and his family!

If no shelter would take them, perhaps they can help you with humane traps to capture the cats? At the very least they all need to be spayed/neutered and then released back. Who knows, maybe you will be able to find homes for some of the kittens with people who will be willing to put the time and effort needed to tame them.
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Try visiting the Alley Cat Allies web site. They have lots of ideas and suggestions for how to care for ferals. They even have plans you can follow if you want to build a house for your wild kitties. Bravo to you for caring for these feral cats!

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I have been trying for 3 months to catch a little black kitty. And finally I got her. She now is in my little bathroom. And will be spayed tomorrow morning. She will stay in the room for the next several days. Then its time to decide if she can stay in with the others or go back out into the woods. I do not need another kitty BUT...Prayers
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Well, good news! All the kitties will let me pet them while thier eating. Chewy (who is almost Orion's twin) usually runs away, and will be the hardest to capture.

Othello (who, wouldn' you know, I found out is now actually Desdemona!) allows the most affection, so I'm working really hard on a new home for her. She seems like she'd be a big sweetie with a little patience, and is a very pretty black kitty with brown tabby stripes. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for little Mona. If i can find her a home, I know I'll have no problem nabbing her up. I sure will miss her when she's gone, though. She's been my favorite from day one, and before I got to know Orion, I was sad she wasn't the one was caught. (now i wouldn't trade 80 Mona's for 1 Orion!)

I have a friend who will take one of the grey ones providing it's a girl, and I get her this week. I tried checking behinds as they walked away today, but they wouldn't let me see!

Tommorow, I'm going out with long sleeves and canvas glovesto do a pee pee check! Hopefully, we'll all walk away unharmed, and maybe Kong or Moxie will be a girl, and have a new family by the weekend!

Sad thing is, Bast is very antisocial in a lot of ways, although we have tried bonding with her, and she used to walk around in the kitchen before we got Orion inside. She still will bolt from any contact, and I really fear catching her will be traumatic and break our trust, since I'll have to do some sort of live trap.

Also, our animal control place has said that if we bring her in, and she's feral, they have to put her down. She was born wild, and is very skittish. I fear even if I don't tell them, they'll know, and won't just spay her and let us have her live in the yard.

We also live near a busy street, and though she's smart, I worry about her getting hit by a car.
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Bravo to you for working so hard to save these kittens. I wish you good luck working with the momma cat. I think that even though the authorities might "know" you are going to let momma go once she is spayed, I can't imagine that they would call you a lier and put her to sleep despite your protests! Anyway....good luck!
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Hi, My husrband and I live in Minnesota, in the woods. We have kitties who travel through our yard on the way to who knows where. Some stay for an hour, others never go too far away. When they have babies if we find them soon enough we can make friends and give them love. If we don't find them in time (before they are 6 weeks old is our estimate) we have our work cut out for us in getting them to trust us. Most of these cats live somewhere on the outside when the weather is nice. A few years ago when i tstarted to get cold and was became apparent that we had a situation on our hands, my husband (dear man that he is) built a proch onto our house just for the cats. The porch has a door just for the cats, is insulated, and heated. Every cat for miles around winters in our proch. Even the cats who aren't exactly our friends stay in there. They just make sure that when we come out of the house to be the first out of their door! We don't have an animal league in our area so none of our outside cats are spayed or nuetered. I would like to do more for them but we can't afford to. My best advice to you about your new friends os to give them time and let them see that some of the others do trust you. Little by Little they might just come around.
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Gert...Welcome to the Cat Site!

Bravo to you and your husband for giving all of those cats a warm and safe place to stay. If you want to think about neutering/spaying and releasing the strays, perhaps a vet near you would be willing to help with the cost.

Keep coming back and sharing your experiences and advice with us!
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I know it's been a while, but here's the update.

I finally got someone to agree to taking 2 kitties to be barn cats, and she's going to come over tommorow. Problem is, I have not seen a single one of them, including Bast (momma) in 2 days!! Usually they are all out for food, and meowing at the back door any time there is a hint of activity.

The food has been gone both nights, but we never saw the kitties, and it was always well after normal eating times.

Tonight, only half an hour passed between checks when the food had disappeared. Very unusual, as it takes all 5 of them a while to eat, and then they lounge and clean for some time. I have not seen them eat, or even go in thier warm kitty house at all.

I am hoping this means maybe someone else took them in after they wandered further than usual. I would worry about an accident, excpet, I would have expected to see at least one, or at the very least Bast, who has been lurkin around prior to this even before she had the litter.

Anyone have experience with this? Is this a common thing to have them just up and be gone? We're fairly sure we're their only non catchable food source, and we've been spending time with them for 3 months. They were always around daily before atthe very least.
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Hi, I do believe that it is "normal" for these kitties to disappear for a few days at a time. When our mommy kitties have babies they stick close but as the babies grow they take the babies out into the woods. We refer to this as the mommies taking the babies out on biviwack (sp?). I think that the babies are being taught survival skills. The mommy usually returns before the babies and hopefully the babies return within in a few days. If they don't all return at once then mommy will go to look for them. Also, after the babies are on their own the mommies will come and go. We had not seen one of our mommies for about 4 days and were geting concerned. We arrived home tonight and there she was. She must have been of visiting. Try not to worry, I am sure that mommy and babie sare doing maanuvers and will return.
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I had the same problem while trying to catch the little black kitty. She would eat & slip back into a fenced area. At night I think Coons were getting the food. The water bowl was always nasty with food the next morning. I am happy to say I caught her, got her spayed, & her name is Buda. She is deaf...So now she lives inside with all Us Cats Good Luck
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Goldie did that disappearing act with her last litter too. I was frantic - mom came home first and then in straggled little Smudgie, who was the only one lift uncaught at that time. She had been gone for 5 days. I wish you all the best and am sending kitty capture prayers your way right now!
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